480 When You Open Your Heart to God

When you do not understand God

and do not know His nature,

your hearts can never truly open, open up to God.

Once you understand your God,

you will understand what’s in His heart,

and savor what lies in Him with all your faith and heed.

When you savor what is in God’s heart, bit by bit, day by day,

when you savor what is in God’s heart,

your heart will open up to Him.

When your heart is truly open, when your heart is truly open,

you will see the contempt, you will see the shame

of your extravagant and selfish requests.

When your heart is truly open, when your heart is truly open,

you will see an infinite world in God’s heart,

and be in a realm of wonder untold.

No darkness, evil, no deception, all’s sincere, faithful, and kind.

You will see there’s only righteousness and light,

when you open your heart to God.

He is love, He is caring, infinite compassion.

In your life, joy is felt, when you open your heart to God.

His wisdom and power fill the realm,

so do His authority and love.

You can see what God has and is,

what brings Him joy, what brings Him woe,

what brings Him sadness and anger, is there for all to see,

when you open your heart up to God and invite Him in.

Adapted from “God’s Work, God’s Disposition, and God Himself III” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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