269 Peter’s Prayer at His Crucifixion

Verse 1

O God! Your time has arrived;

the time You prepared for me.

I must be crucified for You,

and for You bear this testimony.

I hope my love can satisfy You,

that it can become more pure.

Verse 2

It comforts me, reassures me

to die nailed to this cross for You.

Nothing’s more gratifying to me

than to be crucified for You,

to meet Your wishes, give myself to You,

and offer up my life to You too.

Chorus 1

O God! You are so lovely!

And were You to allow me

to live, I’d be even more willing

to love You for as long as I’m living.

I wish to love You more deeply.

You judge me and chastise me,

and You try me because I have

sinned and am not righteous.

Verse 3

And Your righteous disposition

becomes more apparent to me.

I’m blessed, for I can love You more,

even if You do not love me.

I’m willing to see Your righteous disposition,

so a life of meaning I’m more able to live.

Chorus 2

I feel there’s more meaning in my life,

now that for Your sake I’m crucified.

It’s meaningful that for You I die.

Yet still I don’t feel satisfied,

for my knowledge of You is too meager.

I know that I cannot completely

manage to fulfill Your wishes,

and that I’ve repaid You too little.


In my life, I’ve been far from able

to give all of me back to You.

As I look back at this moment,

I feel so indebted to You.

I have but this moment to atone for mistakes

and all of the love I have not repaid.

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