1016 The Process of Dispositional Change

1 A transformation of disposition is not a change in outward practices, nor is it a feigned outward change or a temporary transformation out of zeal; rather, it is a genuine transformation of disposition that brings about changes in behavior. Such changes in behavior are not the same as changes in outward practices. A transformation of disposition means that you have understood and experienced the truth, and that the truth has become your life. In the past, you understood the truth of this matter, but you were unable to act upon it; truth was merely a doctrine to you that did not stick. Now that your disposition has transformed, you not only understand truth, but you also act in accordance with it.

2 You are now able to let go of the things you were fond of in the past, the things you used to be willing to do, your personal imaginings, and your notions. You are now able to let go of the things you were not able to let go of in the past. This is a transformation of disposition, and it is also a process of transforming your disposition. It might sound quite simple, but in fact, someone who is in the midst of this process must suffer many hardships, overcome his body, and forsake aspects of the flesh that are part of his nature. Such a person must also undergo dealing and pruning, chastisement and judgment, and trials. Only after experiencing all of this can a person somewhat understand his own nature. Having some understanding of it, though, does not mean that one is able to change immediately; one must endure hardships in the process.

Adapted from “What You Should Know About Transforming Your Disposition” in Records of Christ’s Talks

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