Words on How to Resolve Corrupt Dispositions (Excerpt 56)

When some people serve as leaders or workers, they are always fearful of doing something wrong and being revealed and eliminated, so they often say to others, “You shouldn’t become a leader. As soon as something goes wrong, you’ll be eliminated, and there’ll be no turning back!” Is this statement not a fallacy? What does “there’ll be no turning back” mean? What kind of leaders and workers are eliminated? They are all evil individuals who, despite repeated warnings, run amok disrupting and disturbing the work of the church. If someone only makes a mistake because their stature is small, or because they have low caliber, or because they lack experience, provided they can accept the truth and genuinely repent, will God’s house eliminate them? Even if that person can’t do any real work, they will merely have their duty adjusted. So, are the people who say those things not distorting the facts? Are they not spreading notions to mislead others? The leaders and workers in God’s house are elected democratically, it is not as if anyone who wants these roles can have them. God’s house treats leaders and workers based on the truth principles; only those false leaders who do not accept the truth at all, and the antichrists who pursue fame, gain, and status, and who adamantly refuse to repent, will be eliminated. Those who can accept the truth, who accept being pruned, and who truly repent, will not be eliminated. Those who spread the notion that “being a leader is too risky” have intentions and goals. They aim to mislead people, to stop others from becoming leaders, and to exploit the opportunity this presents. Is this not having an ulterior motive? If you are worried about being eliminated, you should be cautious, pray to God and repent to Him, and accept the truth so that you can rectify your mistakes. Won’t this then resolve the problem? If someone makes a mistake, and, when faced with being pruned, they do not accept the truth, and have no intention of genuinely repenting, and they continue to be perfunctory, and to run amok, they should be eliminated. When some people serve as leaders or workers, they become bold and audacious, they speak and act without any scruples at all, and want to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes. Not only do they fail to use the truth to resolve problems, but they also track down and isolate those who report problems to the Above. When the Above finds out about this issue and holds them accountable, they become as timid as mice, stubbornly refusing to acknowledge what they have done. They think that if they refuse to acknowledge it, they can get away with it and God’s house won’t pursue the matter. Is it really that simple? God’s house will verify the matter clearly, and then handle it based on the principles; whoever is responsible will not be able to escape. When people don’t seek the truth in the things they do, and act arbitrarily, recklessly, and according to their own whims, resorting to sophistry and pretense, and adamantly refusing to acknowledge their mistakes when things go wrong, what kind of problem is this? Is this the correct attitude? Can adopting sophistry and pretense, and stubbornly refusing to acknowledge their actions resolve the problem? Does this attitude align with the truth? Is there genuine submission in it? They fear making mistakes and being exposed and reported, they are afraid that God’s house will hold them responsible, and they fear being judged, condemned, and eliminated. Is there a problem with this fear? This fear isn’t a positive thing; where does it come from? (Their corrupt satanic dispositions.) That’s right. So, what exactly is in this fear? Let’s dissect it. Why are they afraid? Their fear comes from the concern that once things are exposed, they will be dismissed and replaced, losing their status and livelihood. Therefore, they resort to lying and sophistry, and stubbornly refuse to acknowledge their actions. Based on this attitude, whether or not they are people who accept the truth, whether or not they are arrogant and self-righteous people, and whether or not they are deceitful people, is here revealed. Are they not devils? They have finally shown their true nature. At what times are people revealed the most? When things befall them, and particularly when their misdeeds are revealed, look at what their attitude is—these moments reveal them the most. Their small-mindedness, deceitfulness, trickery, and stubborn refusal to acknowledge their mistakes, and so on—all of these corrupt dispositions burst forth all at once. Isn’t this the easiest time to discern people? Some people do not believe that God’s house can treat people fairly. They do not believe that God reigns in His house, and that the truth reigns there. They believe that no matter what duty a person performs, if a problem arises in it, God’s house will handle that person immediately, stripping them of their right to perform that duty, sending them away, or even clearing them out of the church. Is that really how things work? It certainly is not. God’s house treats every person according to the truth principles. God is righteous in His treatment of every person. He does not look only at how a person behaves in a single instance; He looks at a person’s nature essence, at their intentions, at their attitude, and He looks in particular at whether a person can reflect on themselves when they make a mistake, whether they are remorseful, and whether they can penetrate the essence of the problem based on His words, come to understand the truth, hate themselves, and truly repent. If someone lacks this correct attitude, and they are entirely adulterated by personal intentions, if they are filled with cunning schemes and revelations of corrupt dispositions, and when problems arise, they resort to pretense, sophistry, and self-justification, and stubbornly refuse to acknowledge their actions, then such a person cannot be saved. They don’t accept the truth at all and have been completely revealed. People who aren’t right, and who can’t accept the truth in the slightest, are nonbelievers in essence and can only be eliminated. How can nonbelievers who serve as leaders and workers not be revealed andeliminated? A nonbeliever, regardless of what duty they perform, is revealed most quickly of all, because the corrupt dispositions that they reveal are too numerous and too obvious. Moreover, they don’t accept the truth at all and act recklessly and arbitrarily. In the end, when they have been eliminated, and have lost the opportunity to perform their duty, they start to worry, thinking, “I’m done for. If I’m not allowed to perform my duty, I can’t be saved. What should I do?” In reality, Heaven will always leave a way out for man. There is one final path, which is to genuinely repent, and to hurry to spread the gospel and gain people, making up for their faults by doing good deeds. If they don’t take this path, then they are truly done for. If they possess some reason and know that they don’t have any talent, they should properly equip themselves with the truth and train to spread the gospel—this is also performing a duty. This is entirely feasible. If someone acknowledges they were eliminated because they didn’t perform their duty well, yet they still do not accept the truth and don’t have the slightest heart of remorse, and instead abandon themselves to despair, isn’t that foolish and ignorant? Tell Me, if a person has made a mistake, but they are capable of true understanding and willing to repent, would God’s house not give them a chance? As God’s six-thousand-year management plan draws to a close, there are so many duties that need to be performed. But if you have no conscience or reason, and don’t attend to your proper work, if you have gained the opportunity to perform a duty but do not know to treasure it, do not pursue the truth in the least, letting the best time pass them by, then you will be revealed. If you are consistently perfunctory in performing your duty, and you do not submit at all when faced with being pruned, will God’s house still use you to perform a duty? In God’s house, it is the truth that reigns, not Satan. God has the final say over everything. It is He who is doing the work of saving man, it is He who holds sovereignty over everything. There is no need for you to analyze what is right and wrong, you just need to listen and submit. When faced with being pruned, you must accept the truth and be able to correct your mistakes. If you do, God’s house will not strip you of your right to perform a duty. If you are always afraid of being eliminated, always giving excuses, always justifying yourself, that is a problem. If you let others see that you do not accept the truth in the least, and that you are impervious to reason, you are in trouble. The church will be obliged to handle you. If you do not accept the truth at all in performing your duty and are always afraid of being revealed and eliminated, then this fear of yours is tainted with human intent and a corrupt satanic disposition, and with suspicion, guardedness, and misapprehension. None of these are attitudes that a person should have. You must begin by resolving your fear, as well as your misunderstandings of God. How do a person’s misunderstandings of God arise? When things are going well for a person, they certainly do not misunderstand Him. They believe that God is good, that God is honorable, that God is righteous, that God is merciful and loving, that God is right in everything that He does. However, when they are faced with something that does not conform to their notions, they think, “It seems God is not very righteous, at least not in this matter.” Is this not a misunderstanding? How is it that God is not righteous? What was it that gave rise to this misunderstanding? What was it that made you form this opinion and understanding that God is not righteous? Can you say for sure what it was? Which sentence was it? Which matter? Which situation? Say it, so that everyone can work it out and see if you have a leg to stand on. And when a person misunderstands God or faces something that does not conform to their notions, what attitude should they have? (One of seeking the truth and submission.) They need to submit first and consider: “I do not understand, but I will submit because this is what God has done and not something that man should analyze. Moreover, I cannot doubt God’s words or His work because God’s word is the truth.” Is this not the attitude a person should have? With this attitude, would your misunderstanding still pose a problem? (It would not.) It would not affect or disturb your performance of your duty. Who do you think is capable of loyalty—a person who harbors misunderstandings while performing their duty or one who does not? (A person who does not harbor misunderstandings in performing their duty is capable of loyalty.) So, firstly, you must have a submissive attitude. What’s more, you must at least believe that God is the truth, that God is righteous, and that everything God does is right. These are the preconditions that determine whether you can be loyal in performing your duty. If you meet both of these preconditions, can the misunderstandings in your heart affect the performance of your duty? (No.) They can’t. This means that you won’t bring these misunderstandings into the performance of your duty. Firstly, you should resolve them from the outset, ensuring they remain only in their embryonic state. What should you do next? Resolve them at the root. How should you resolve them? Read several relevant passages of God’s words with everyone regarding this matter. Then, fellowship about why God acts in such a way, what God’s will is, and what results can be achieved from God working in this way. Fellowship thoroughly on these matters, then you will have an understanding of God and be able to submit. If you don’t resolve your misunderstandings about God and carry notions into the performance of your duty, saying, “In this matter, God acted incorrectly, and I will not submit. I’ll contest this, I’ll argue things out with God’s house. I don’t believe this is God’s doing”—what disposition is this? This is a typical satanic disposition. Such words should not be uttered by humans; it is not the attitude that a created being should have. If you can oppose God in this way, are you worthy of performing this duty? You are not. Because you are a devil, and you lack humanity, you are not worthy of performing a duty. If a person possesses some reason, and misunderstandings about God arise in them, they will pray to God, and they will also seek the truth in God’s words, and sooner or later, they will see the matter clearly. This is what people should do.

In the process of experiencing God’s work, there are many things that people can’t understand or come to terms with. Provided that they have submissive hearts, these issues will gradually be resolved, and they will find answers to them in God’s words. Even if they cannot obtain results at the moment, they will naturally come to understand these things after several years of experience. If, when faced with problems, one can never figure them out, and sets themselves against the leaders and workers, or argues with God’s house, is this a person who possesses reason? To follow God, one should at least possess the reason of normal humanity and basic faith, only then will it be easy for them to submit to God. If you always oppose God and set yourself against Him, and afterward you do not seek the truth or have a repentant heart, then you are not fit to perform a duty or to follow God, and you are not fit to accept His commission. If you do not have genuine faith, but you still perform a duty and follow God, you will not be able to gain a solid foothold, and you will certainly be eliminated. Isn’t this just causing trouble for yourself? This is called embarrassing oneself. Therefore, to resolve misunderstandings about God, the attitude people should have is to first submit, and to believe that whatever God does is right. Don’t trust your own eyes and judgment—if you always trust your own judgment and eyes, that spells trouble. You are not God; you do not have the truth. You are a person with corrupt dispositions; you can make mistakes, and you still don’t understand the truth. If you don’t understand the truth, does God condemn you? God doesn’t condemn you, but you must seek the truth. God gives you the opportunity and the time to seek, and He is waiting. Waiting for what? Waiting for you to seek the truth during this time. Once you understand and submit, everything will be fine, and God will neither remember this nor condemn you. However, if you continue to commit the same old mistakes, then you are truly finished and beyond redemption.

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