Words on How to Approach the Truth and God (Excerpt 8)

What is the nature of the problem of tampering with God’s words? If you change God’s words and tamper with His speech, this amounts to the most serious opposition to and blasphemy against God. Only those of Satan’s ilk are capable of this sort of evil deed, and they are the same as the archangel. The archangel said: “God, You can create the heavens and earth and all things, and perform signs and wonders—I can do this too. You have ascended the throne, and I will do so as well. You rule over all nations, and so do I. You created humans, and I manage them!” This is how arrogant the archangel is; it possesses no reason whatsoever. The nature of tampering with God’s words is the same as that of the archangel, meaning that it is a manifestation of direct opposition to God and of blasphemy against God. People who tamper with God’s words are the ones who oppose Him the most, and they directly offend His disposition. God hates none more than those who tamper with His words. It can be said that tampering with God’s words is blasphemy against God and the Holy Spirit, and an unforgivable sin. Aside from people tampering with God’s words, there is something else that offends God’s disposition, which is when people dare to casually make changes to the work arrangements, and then pass them down to the church to mislead God’s chosen ones, disrupting and disturbing the work of the church. This is also a manifestation of direct opposition to God, and something that offends God’s disposition. Some people do not have God-fearing hearts at all. They believe that the work arrangements are written by man, that they come from man, and wherever they do not accord with these people’s notions, they change them as they will. Do you know which of God’s administrative decrees this violates? (7. “In work and matters of the church, apart from submitting to God, follow the instructions of the man who is used by the Holy Spirit in everything. Even the slightest infraction is unacceptable. Be absolute in your compliance, and do not analyze right or wrong; what is right or wrong has nothing to do with you. You must concern yourself only with total submission” (The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. The Ten Administrative Decrees That Must Be Obeyed by God’s Chosen People in the Age of Kingdom).) Things that violate the administrative decrees are things that offend God’s disposition. Can’t you see that clearly? Some people are exceedingly cavalier in their attitudes toward the Above’s work arrangements. They believe, “The Above makes the work arrangements, and we do the work in the church. Some words and affairs can be implemented flexibly. It’s up to us how, specifically, they’re to be done. The Above just speaks and makes the work arrangements; we’re the ones taking practical action. So, after the Above hands the work off to us, we can do it as we like. It’s fine, however it gets done. No one has the right to interfere.” The principles they act on are as follows: They listen to what they believe is right and ignore what they believe is wrong, they consider their beliefs to be the truth and the principles, they resist whatever does not accord with their will, and they are extremely antagonistic toward you regarding those things. When the Above’s words do not accord with their will, they go ahead and change them, and only pass them down once they meet with their agreement. Without their agreement, they do not permit them to be passed down. While in other areas, the Above’s work arrangements are passed down as they are, these people pass their altered versions of the work arrangements onto the churches under their charge. Such people always wish to put God off to the side; they are eager to get everyone to believe in them, and follow them, and submit to them. In their minds, there are some areas in which God does not measure up to them—they ought to be God themselves, and others ought to believe in them. That is the nature of it. If you understood this, would you still weep when they are dismissed? Would you still feel sorry for them? Would you still think, “The Above acted inappropriately. They treat people unfairly. How could they dismiss such a hardworking person?” Those who say this are undiscerning. For whose sake are they hardworking? For the sake of God? For the sake of the church work? They work hard in order to consolidate their status; they are hardworking in order to establish independent kingdoms. Are they serving God? Are they performing their duties? Are they loyal and submissive to God? They are purely the lackeys of Satan, and when they work, it is the devil that reigns. They damage God’s management plan and disturb God’s work. They are bona fide antichrists! Some people say: “Look how hard they are working—it takes quite some effort to write all those things, and to pass them down to the churches.” Then let Me ask you, are the things that they write edifying for people? What exactly is the goal that they want to achieve? Do you have discernment of these matters? What will the consequences be if you are misled by them? Have you considered that? Some feel pity for people like this, saying: “They work so hard and it isn’t easy to write all those things, so God’s house should forgive them if there are some deviations or distorted things in what they’ve written.” What is the problem with them saying this? Can one really gain God’s approval just by working hard? For whose sake are those people working hard? If they are not working hard to satisfy and bring glory to God, but rather so that they can gain status, then, no matter how hard they work, is there any significance or value to it? This kind of hard work is selfish and base, wicked and shameless! What will the consequences be if this kind of antichrist is not dismissed? People will disturb the church’s work as they please and become opposers of God before they even realize it. Is this not disrupting and disturbing God’s work? If they work hard in order to achieve their own goals, does that give them the right to oppose God? Should they then oppose Him and rebel against Him? Should they be arbitrary and reckless, and refuse to submit to Him? Can they just do whatever they want? Those who do not possess the truth, who do not submit to God, and just want to act blindly, thinking that everything they do is reasonable and right, are pure devils and lackeys of Satan who come to disrupt and disturb the work of the church! If you not only cannot discern people like this, but also sympathize with them, shed tears for them, and come to their defense, then you are also a good-for-nothing, you are a muddled person and a dimwit. You may still think: “The Above isn’t being considerate of their feelings. That person worked so hard and the Above removed them just like that.” If you say this, then you are also a lackey of Satan and you are of the devil. There are many people who live according to satanic philosophies, never exposing or reporting false leaders and antichrists, until one day an antichrist does something disastrous and they finally realize that this was truly a case of an antichrist misleading people. Some people still have notions about this, thinking: “God is almighty, and the Above should know how many antichrists there are in the church, so is there any need for us to report them?” Are the people who say this not absurd types? Right now, God is working in humanity and the leader of the Above is human, so if he did not come into direct contact with the matters of the church, how could he know about these things? Many times, when there were incidents of antichrists, the problems were only resolved after some people reported and exposed them, and the Above ordered an investigation. While working and leading people in normal humanity, God is not at all supernatural and is extremely practical, but He conquers, defeats and humiliates Satan. It is only in this way that His almightiness and wisdom can be revealed. This is how practical God’s work is; He arranges all of these people, events, and things so that His chosen ones can learn lessons, gain discernment, and broaden their knowledge. Once His chosen ones have gained discernment, the false leaders, antichrists, and evil people will be unable to escape the “long arm of the law.” God will use the facts to reveal them and enable all of His chosen ones to see clearly and understand. In the past, weren’t many evil people and antichrists revealed and eliminated? Can no one see this matter clearly? Then you are too muddled!

Although some people do not understand a few parts of the work arrangements of God’s house, they are still able to submit, saying: “Everything God does is right and has meaning. If we do not understand the work arrangements completely, we should first submit to them. We cannot judge God! We should still listen to the work arrangements, even if they are not in line with our notions, because we are humans, and what can the human mind see? We should just submit to God’s arrangements; the day will come when we understand them. Even if, when we reach that day, we still cannot fully understand them, we should still willingly submit. We are people, and we should submit to God. This is what we should do.” But some people are different, and when they see the work arrangements of God’s house, they will study them first, saying: “This is what God says, and these are His demands. The first item looks okay, but the second item isn’t very suitable. I’ll go ahead and change it.” Do people like this have God-fearing hearts? If you change work arrangements as you please, what is the nature of this problem? Is this not disrupting and disturbing the work of God’s house? Are the things that you possess the truth? If you really have the truth, then why do you not express it? Why do you alter God’s words? What disposition do you reveal by doing this? It is an arrogant and self-righteous disposition, one that does not obey anyone. If you dare to pick and choose when it comes to God’s arrangements, then there is a serious problem with your mindset and disposition. God’s chosen ones should have discernment of people like this. Firstly, such people cannot fellowship about the truth to resolve problems, yet they believe that they understand the truth and will not obey anyone. Secondly, when they have notions about the work arrangements, they do not mention them to God’s house, instead they just spread them around. Thirdly, when they have notions about God and the work of God’s house, not only do they not resolve them, they also incite God’s chosen people to develop notions about Him, and to stand up and fight against Him, so as to force Him to act according to their wishes and ultimately make Him submit. Based on these three behaviors, one can be sure what kind of thing these people are. Are they people who seek the truth and submit to God? Absolutely not. They do not seek the truth in the slightest and they are also unsatisfied with God. They have notions about God, and they spread these notions, making everyone develop notions about Him and stand up to fight against and oppose Him. Based on this, they can be characterized as bona fide, complete antichrists. How should people like this be handled? Should they be helped lovingly? This is useless, because they do not accept the truth. How about pruning them? This is also useless, because they do not accept the truth. If those who believe in God cannot accept the truth, this is a serious problem and a terrible thing! If you look at this matter too simply and believe it is not a big deal, then there will come a day when you will offend God. I have seen some people like this, and even though they have not yet been cleared out, their outcome has actually already been determined: They will be eliminated.

At the very least, those who believe in God must have God-fearing hearts. And what does it mean to fear God? People must be afraid of God, they must do everything with caution and care, leaving themselves some room to maneuver, and not just doing whatever they want. For example, when God’s house dismisses some false leaders, some people say: “I’m not sure about this matter. We don’t know exactly what they did, and even if we knew, we could not thoroughly understand the nature of the things they did. Everything God does is right, and there will always come a day when He will make things clear and allow us to understand His intention.” If you do not understand why God’s house does things this way, but you can still submit, then you are a fairly devout person who can be said to have a bit of a God-fearing heart. If you do not understand, but you still set yourself against God and disturb the work of the church, that means trouble. Whenever the church dismisses some false leaders and expels some antichrists, some of their diehard followers always stand up and come to their defense, publicly judging God because of this, saying that He is unrighteous, and asking the Holy Spirit to reveal this matter. For people like this, even if they provide exceptional service when spreading the gospel and performing their duties, none of it matters. One betrayal will forever determine your fate. You must see the essence of betrayal clearly; do not think that it is not a big deal. It can be said that all of you have opposed God, that all of you have transgressed. However, the nature of your opposition and transgressions are different. The nature of the matter I have just spoken about is very serious and constitutes public judgment of and opposition to God. Some people always love to write some things, some letters that they casually pass around the church. Is this in line with the principles? Are the things they write true testimony? Are they life experience? Are they edifying for God’s chosen ones? If they are not, yet these people still casually pass them around the church, then they are misleading people, spreading heresies and fallacies, distorting the facts, confusing right and wrong, and speaking a heap of utter nonsense. Some people even want to write their own book, then send it to the church and become famous. Have people not learned a deep lesson from the example of Paul? You still want to write a book, to write a “celebrity autobiography” and to pen a “Summary of the Truth.” You have no reason whatsoever! If you are able to, then write several pieces of experiential testimony. Have you not been judged and suffered enough in these few years that you’ve believed in God? Can you still not see this matter clearly? What do people understand? The words and doctrines you speak cannot even resolve your own problems, and you still want to supply them to others. You have no self-knowledge at all! Why does God’s house print and send out books in a uniform manner? Because most of these books are made up of God’s words, and the remainder are all made up of the true experiential testimonies of God’s chosen ones. These are all positive things that God’s chosen people need, and so the books that God’s house uniformly issues are all needed for the church’s work and the life entry of God’s chosen people. This way of doing things also stems from the guidance of the Holy Spirit. You all understand that the books uniformly issued by God’s house are of the utmost value and necessity. You know very well what benefits you can gain from listening to sermons, so if you have discernment of the things that are spread by false leaders and antichrists, you will truly be able to discern false leaders and antichrists. But with your current stature, you only understand many doctrines about belief in God, and the truth is still not clear to you. There are some significant matters that you still cannot fully understand, that seem vague and blurry to you, and so you still do not have any of the truth realities and are still not too discerning. Regardless of how anyone in the church behaves or speaks, you lack clear discernment of it. Some people believe that as long as one speaks eloquently, they can bear witness to God, and that those who do not speak eloquently cannot talk about experiential testimony even if they have it. Are they right about this? They are gravely mistaken; experiential testimony is practical no matter how it is spoken about, and if one does not have experiential testimony, then what they say is not practical, no matter how well they can talk about doctrines. Why is this? Talking about words and doctrines does not represent that a person possesses the truth reality, and even if they understand a bit of truth, this understanding is still quite shallow and limited, and they cannot write about experiential testimony at all. If someone does not have experiential testimony, yet they still brazenly speak words and doctrines and lecture people, then they have become a hypocritical Pharisee. They can only make up false testimony to mislead people. Those who do this will be cursed by God. Whether or not someone can bear true witness does not depend on their eloquence. Look at how much Peter was possessed of experiential testimony—how many letters did he write? How many articles of testimony did he write? It may have only been a few, but God approved of Peter as the person who knew Him best, and as someone who truly loved Him. If you truly have experiential testimony, then you will have definitely changed and become much more well-behaved. You will no longer do those enthusiastic things, those things you thought were good. When you recognize how insignificant, impoverished, and pitiful man is, you will not dare to act arbitrarily, or to write a book or an autobiography. All those who wish to write books or autobiographies, or to build their reputations up in the name of making some sort of contribution, are all arrogant, conceited, and ambitious people who overrate their own abilities, who do not possess God-fearing hearts, and who like to follow their own will in their actions. People who truly pursue the truth all concentrate on performing their duties well, understanding the truth, and acting in accordance with the principles. They think that performing one’s duties well, dispositional change, entering the truth reality, and having true experiential testimony are better than anything else. Those who can pursue in this way are the smartest people, and they are the most possessed of reason.

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