Words on Knowing God's Incarnation (Excerpt 29)

Some people ask, “God observes the innermost heart of humankind, and God’s flesh and Spirit are one. God knows everything that people say and do, so does God know that I now believe in Him?” These things relate to a question, that is, how to understand God incarnate and the relationship between His Spirit and flesh. Some people think God may not know it because He is practical, yet there are others who think God knows it since God’s flesh and Spirit are one. To understand God is principally to understand His essence and the attributes of His Spirit, and man should not try to determine whether God’s flesh knows any given thing or whether His Spirit knows any given thing; God is wise and wonderful, unfathomable to man. The flesh and the Spirit, and the humanity and divinity—these are matters you have not clearly understood. When God becomes flesh and the Spirit is substantiated in the flesh, His essence is divine, completely different from the essence of a human person and what kind of spirit resides within a human body; they are two completely different things. The essence of a human and their spirit is affixed to that individual. The Spirit of God is affixed to His flesh, but He is still almighty. While He is doing His work from within the flesh, His Spirit also operates everywhere. You cannot ask, “How exactly is God almighty? Show me and let me see it clearly.” There is no way to see it clearly. It is enough for you to see how the Holy Spirit works among the churches when the flesh does His work. God’s Spirit has the characteristic of being almighty; He controls the entire universe and saves those whom He chooses, and He also works among the churches to enlighten people, while the flesh is doing His work at the same time. You cannot say that the flesh lacks the Spirit while the Spirit works among the churches. If you say that, would you not deny God’s incarnation? However, there are some things the flesh does not know. This not knowing is the normal and practical aspect of Christ. That God’s Spirit is concretely realized within the flesh proves that God Himself is the essence of that flesh. His Spirit already knows any given thing that His flesh does not know, so one can say that God already knows that thing. If you deny the aspect of the Spirit because of the practical aspect of the flesh, then you deny that this flesh is God Himself, and you have committed the same error as the Pharisees. Some say, “God’s flesh and Spirit are one, so God might know how many people we have won to Him here in one go when we preach the gospel. The Spirit knows and so the flesh also learns about it, because They’re one!” Your speaking like this denies the essence of the flesh. The flesh has His practical and normal aspect: There are some things the flesh can know and some things the flesh does not need to know. That is His normal and practical aspect. Some say, “That which the Spirit knows, the flesh is guaranteed to know also.” This is supernatural, and to say this denies the essence of the flesh. The incarnate God is normal and practical. In some matters, He is not as humans imagine—able to know these matters mysteriously without seeing or touching them, not limited by space or geography. That is not the flesh but the spiritual body. After Jesus resurrected from the dead, He could appear and disappear and enter rooms by passing through walls, but that was the resurrected Jesus. Before the resurrection, Jesus could not enter rooms by passing through walls. He was constrained by space, geography, and time. That is the normality of the flesh.

Coming to know God’s incarnation is no simple matter—you must look at it from various angles according to God’s words, make holistic considerations, and absolutely refrain from basing your knowledge on regulations or your own imaginings. You say God’s flesh and Spirit are one and the flesh knows all that the Spirit knows, but the flesh also has a normal and practical aspect. What’s more, there is another aspect, which is that during the time when the flesh is at work, it is God Himself that is working: The Spirit is at work and the flesh is also at work, but it is mainly the flesh that is working—the flesh plays a leading role, while the Spirit performs certain work to enlighten, guide, assist, protect and watch over humankind. The work of the flesh plays a leading role—if He wants to know about a person, it is extraordinarily easy for Him to do so. When a human wants to know about someone, if they have not observed that person’s behavior on multiple occasions, they will be unable to gain insight into them. Humans cannot see through to the nature essence of other people, but God incarnate always has a sense of and is always able to judge what kind of person someone is, as well as their behavior and essence. It is impossible that He has no such perception. For example, He knows and comprehends how a given person behaves, what they can do, and what evil they can do and to what degree. Some say, “If God comprehends all, does He know where I am right now?” It is not essential to know this. For God to comprehend a person is not to know where they are every day. There is no need to know that. Comprehending what a person will do by nature is enough, and is sufficient for Him to do His work. God is practical in how He goes about His work. It is not like what people imagine that when God wants to know about a person, He must know where that person is, what they’re thinking, what they’re saying, what they’ll do later, how they dress, what they look like, etc. Actually, the work of salvation that God does fundamentally does not require knowing those things. God only focuses on knowing the essence of a person and the process of their life progress. When God becomes flesh, all the manifestations of the flesh are practical and normal, and this practicality and normality is possessed in order to accomplish the work of conquest and salvation of humankind. But, no one must forget that the practicality and normality of the flesh is the most normal manifestation of God’s Spirit living in His flesh. So, do you think the Spirit knows those human things? The Spirit knows, yet He does not pay attention to them. So the flesh does not care about those matters of yours, either. No matter what, God’s Spirit and flesh are one, and no one can deny this. Sometimes you have some thoughts and ideas—does the Spirit know what you are thinking? Of course the Spirit knows. The Spirit of God scrutinizes the innermost heart of humankind and knows what people think, but His work is not merely to be aware of everyone’s thoughts and ideas. Rather, He is to express truth from within the flesh in order to change people’s thoughts and ideas, to change people’s thinking and views, and finally, to change people’s corrupt dispositions. Your thoughts about some things are too immature. You think that God incarnate should be all-knowing. Some people doubt God incarnate if He does not know something they imagine He should. This is all because people have an insufficient understanding of the essence of God’s incarnation. There are some things outside of the scope of the work of the flesh, so He will not bother with them. God only does the work He is supposed to do. This is a principle of how God works. Do you understand these things now? Tell Me, do you know what kind of spirit you have? Are you able to feel your soul? Are you able to touch your soul? Are you able to sense what your soul is doing? You do not know, do you? If you are able to feel or touch such a thing, then it is another spirit inside of you doing something by force, having you do and say things. That is something outside of yourself, not inherent to you. Those with the work of evil spirits have a deep understanding of this. Although God’s flesh has a practical and normal aspect, as a human one cannot casually define or come to conclusions about Him. God humbles and conceals Himself to become as a human; His acts are unfathomable and cannot be fathomed by humans.

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