Words on Other Topics (Excerpt 87)

If, right now, you have yet to find the feeling and the principles of being a saint, this proves that your life entry is too shallow, and that you have not yet understood the truth. In your ordinary behavior and conduct, and the environment in which you live each day, you should savor and ponder carefully, fellowship with each other, encourage each other, give each other reminders, help and care for each other, and support and provide for each other. There must be principles to how brothers and sisters interact. Do not always focus on others’ faults, instead you must examine yourself frequently, and then proactively admit to other people what things you have done that caused interference or harm to them, and learn to open yourself up and fellowship. In this way, you can achieve mutual understanding. What’s more, no matter what befalls you, you should view things based on the words of God. If people are able to understand the truth principles and find a path of practice, they will become of one heart and mind, and the relationship between the brothers and sisters will be normal, they will not be as indifferent, cold, and cruel as the nonbelievers, and they will shed their mentality of mutual suspicion and wariness. The brothers and sisters will become more intimate with each other; they will be able to support and love each other; there will be goodwill in their hearts, and they will be capable of tolerance and compassion toward each other, and they will support and help one another, instead of alienating each other, being envious of each other, measuring themselves against one another, and secretly competing and being defiant toward each other. How can people perform their duties well if they are like the nonbelievers? Not only will this impact their life entry, it will also harm and affect others. For example, you might get angry when people look at you the wrong way, or when they say something that is out of line with your will, and when someone does something that stops you from distinguishing yourself, you might resent them, and feel uncomfortable and unhappy, and always think of how to restore your reputation. Women and young people are particularly incapable of overcoming this. They always obsess over minor disputes and disagreements, are prone to being willful, and live in a state of negativity. They are not willing to pray to God or eat and drink the word of God, which in turn affects their life entry. When people live by their corrupt dispositions, it is very hard for them to be at peace before God, and it is very difficult for them to practice the truth and live by God’s words. To live before God, you must first learn how to reflect on and know yourself, and truly pray to God, and then you must learn how to get on with the brothers and sisters. You must be tolerant of each other, lenient with each other, and be able to see what others’ strengths and merits are—you must learn to accept others’ opinions and things that are right. Don’t indulge yourself, don’t have ambitions and desires and always think you’re better than other people, and then think of yourself as some great figure, forcing other people to do what you say, to obey you, to look up to you, to exalt you—this is deviant. If an individual’s arrogant disposition is not resolved, and this is coupled with swelling ambitions and desires, it can easily lead to deviancy. Hence, those who cannot accept the truth and fail to self-reflect and know themselves are in great danger. They always harbor ambitions, always aspire to be great people and supermen—this is deviancy, this is extreme arrogance. They have lost all reason, they are not normal people, they are deviant people, and they are demons. Dominated by arrogant dispositions, they look down on others in their hearts, regarding them as very insignificant and ignorant. They fail to recognize the strengths of others but can infinitely magnify others’ shortcomings; they despise them in their hearts, and they declare and belittle these shortcomings at every turn, hurting and upsetting others, and eventually causing other people to obey and listen to them, or to fear and hide from them. When a relationship like this emerges or exists between people, is this what you want to see? Can you accept it? (No.) For instance, suppose that you are a bit taller and better looking than others, which causes some people to admire you. As a result, you feel quite pleased with yourself and subsequently look down on those who are shorter and less good-looking. What kind of disposition is revealed in this? Some people look at those who are not as good-looking, who are a bit shorter, and who are a bit more foolish and not so quick-witted, with a contemptuous gaze, and even utter sarcastic words to mock them. Is it appropriate to treat people this way? Is this a manifestation of normal humanity? Definitely not. So, what is the most correct way to deal with such a situation? (To not ridicule others for their shortcomings, and to respect others.) This is a principle. It appears that you have some understanding of this. So how does God treat people? God does not care what people look like, whether they’re tall or short. Instead, He looks at whether their hearts are kind, whether they love the truth, and whether they love and submit to Him. This is what God bases His behavior toward people on. If people can also do this, they will be able to treat others fairly, and in accordance with the truth principles. First of all, we must understand the intentions of God, and know how God behaves toward men, then we too will have a principle and path for how to behave toward people. Generally, people all have a bit of vanity. When they receive a couple of words of praise, they feel a bit pleased with themselves, they hum a tune and walk with their heads held high. This is a revelation of Satan’s disposition. If they also judge and look down on others, what kind of disposition is this? It’s a vicious, arrogant, and evil disposition. If people fail to recognize and see the ugliness of living by their corrupt dispositions, it’s difficult for them to cast off these corrupt dispositions, and they can’t live out true human likeness.

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