Words on Other Topics (Excerpt 89)

During God’s salvation of man, what baseline does He give people, regardless of how rebellious they are, or how deeply corrupt their dispositions are? That is, under what circumstances does God abandon and eliminate people? What is the lowest standard that you must reach for God to keep you and not eliminate you? This is something that all of God’s chosen people must be clear about. Firstly, not denying God—this is the most basic condition. There is practical content within what it means to not deny God. It is not just acknowledging that there is an Old Man in the Sky, or that God has become flesh, or that God’s name is Almighty God. This is not enough, this does not meet the standard for believing in God. At the very least, you must recognize that God incarnate is the practical God; you must not doubt or judge; you must be able to submit even if you have notions—this is the standard for belief in God. Only by reaching this standard will God acknowledge you as a person who believes in Him. God has at least three baselines for people. Firstly, they must acknowledge Him, believe in Him, and follow Him. They must be sincere believers in God, they must do their duties to the best of their abilities, and they must not do evil or cause disturbances. This is the first baseline. Secondly, in the course of following God, they must, at the very least, not abandon their duties. They must obey and submit when performing their duties, achieve average results in them, and, at least, labor to an acceptable standard. This is the second baseline. Thirdly, their humanity must be up to standard. They must be considered good people, or, at the very least, people with conscience and reason. They should be able to basically get along with most of God’s chosen people, and not be a rotten apple. People like this are, at the very least, not bad or evil people. This is the third baseline. If someone cannot accept the truth, and refuses to perform a duty no matter what, then they are not a true believer in God—at the very least, their humanity is not up to standard. This means that they have sunk below the baseline and must be eliminated. All those with bad humanity, who cannot accept the slightest bit of the truth, who cause disturbances and disruptions, and do not play a positive role in the church, may be classified as evil people. Someone who cannot get along with most other people is a rotten apple, an evil person, and even more so, they are someone who has sunk below the baseline and should be eliminated. Those evil people and antichrists may perform duties, but they just cause disruptions, disturbances, destruction, and do evil—could God want people like this? Are they doing their duties? (They are not.) In God’s eyes, their actions have broken through the baseline. They are incapable of performing their duties, and the harm they cause outweighs whatever duties they perform, so they must be cleansed away from the church. Is this not the principle by which people are treated in the house of God? Was anybody ever cleared out because they were momentarily in a bad state, and felt negative and weak? Was anybody ever made to stop performing their duty because they were occasionally a little perfunctory and didn’t perform it well? Was anybody ever cleared out because they achieved poor results in their duty, or because they revealed some bad thoughts or ideas? Was anybody ever cleared out because they had small stature, and notions and doubts about God arose in them? (No.) Then, what is the principle of God’s house for clearing people out? Which people are cleared out and made to stop performing their duties? (Those whose laboring does more harm than good, and who consistently cause disruptions and disturbances.) This type of person is not worthy of performing a duty. This does not mean that someone is biased against them or restricting and clearing them out due to personal spite; it means that they do not get any results in their duty, and they cause disruptions and disturbances. They are cleared out because they are truly unworthy of performing a duty. This completely accords with the truth principles. The principles by which the house of God handles and treats people are all fair. God’s house does not try to catch people slipping up, make mountains out of molehills, or create big fusses over nothing. You must believe that God’s house is ruled by the truth. Of course, some people who have been cleared out may still have hope for salvation if they can accept the truth and sincerely repent to God. But those disbelievers and evil people who cannot accept even a bit of the truth, who lack conscience and reason, will be eliminated forever after they are revealed. This is God’s righteousness.

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