Only in Performing the Duty of a Created Being Well Is There Value in Living (Part One)

You are all busy performing your duties now, training to preach and bear witness to the word of God, and to God’s work in the last days. Whether it’s making movies or singing hymns to bear witness for God, are the duties that you perform of value to corrupt mankind? (They are.) Where is their value? Their value lies in helping people to embark upon the right path after seeing these words and truths expressed by God, and in helping people to understand that they are part of the creation, and that they should come before the Creator. Lots of people are unable to see through to or comprehend many of the things that they face. They feel helpless and that life is meaningless and empty, and they have no spiritual sustenance. What is the source of all this? The answer to all of this lies in the word of God. Over the years that you have believed in God, you have all read much of His word and you have understood a certain number of truths, so the duty that you ought to fulfill is to use the word of God to enlighten them and solve their erroneous thoughts and views, enabling them to understand the truth within the word of God and to see through to the darkness and evil of the world, as well as helping them to seek the true way, find the Creator, hear God’s voice, and read His words. This will allow them to apprehend some truths and see the work of salvation that God is doing, so that they may turn to Him and accept His work. That is exactly the duty that you ought to perform. You all know in your hearts how many truths you have understood and how many problems you have solved since coming to believe in God. Nowadays, there are many people, both religious people and unbelievers, who are seeking the true way and looking for the Savior. They do not know the answers to specific questions such as why people live and die, what the value and meaning of a person’s life is, or where people come from and where they are going. They are waiting for you to preach the gospel and bear witness for God, and to lead them before the Creator—that is why the duties you’re performing now are very meaningful! In one respect, you yourself are experiencing God’s work, and in another, you are also testifying to others about God’s work. The more you experience this, the more truths you will need to understand and be equipped with, and the more work you will need to do. This is an excellent opportunity for God to perfect people. You should pray to God and look to God no matter what difficulties you encounter when performing your duties; when everyone reads the word of God and seeks the truth together more, there is no problem that cannot be solved. There are many truths in the word of God that you need to understand, so you should ponder and fellowship on them often, then you will have the enlightenment and illumination of the Holy Spirit. There is no problem that cannot be solved by relying on God, in this you must have faith.

After God created this mankind, He formed a management plan. In the past few thousand years, this mankind did not shoulder any major responsibility or commission to bear witness for the Creator, and the work that God did among mankind was relatively hidden and simple. However, in the last days, things are no longer the same. The Creator has begun to utter words. He has expressed so many truths, and revealed the mysteries of His management plan, but corrupt mankind is dull-witted and numb: People see but they don’t know, and they hear but they don’t understand, as though their hearts have waxed gross. Therefore, you all bear a great responsibility! What is so great about it? In addition to spreading these words and truths expressed by God, it is more important still that you bear witness for the Creator to each and every created human being, and that you also bring all those created human beings who have heard the gospel of God before the Creator, so that they may comprehend the significance of God’s creation of mankind, and understand that, as created human beings, they should return before the Creator, listen to His utterances, and accept all the truths that He has expressed. This is how all human beings can be made to submit to the Creator’s sovereignty and arrangements. Is it possible to achieve these results by reading just a few passages from the word of God? Or by learning to sing just a few hymns? Or by doing only one aspect of the work? No. Therefore, if you are to perform your duties well, you must bear witness for the Creator’s actions and His sovereignty and arrangements using various methods and different forms. In this way, you will be able to bring more people before the Creator and help them to accept and submit to His sovereignty and arrangements. Isn’t this a great responsibility? (It is.) What attitude should you adopt toward your duties, then? Is it alright to be muddleheaded? Is it alright to turn a blind eye to things? Is it alright to do things halfheartedly and perfunctorily? To procrastinate and go about things casually? (No.) So what should you do? (Commit wholeheartedly.) You should commit yourselves wholeheartedly, using whatever bit of energy, experience, and insight you have. Unbelievers don’t understand what the most meaningful thing a person can do in their life is, but you do understand something about this, don’t you? (Yes.) Accepting what God has entrusted you with and fulfilling your own mission—these are the most important things. The duties you’re performing now are valuable! You may not see the effects right now, and you may not be getting great results from them right now, but it will not be long until they bear fruit. In the long run, if this work is done well, money will not suffice to measure the contribution it makes to mankind. Such true testimonies are more precious and valuable than anything else, and they will last for all eternity. These are the good deeds of every person who follows God, and they are something worth commemorating. Everything in man’s life is empty and unworthy of commemoration, apart from believing in God, pursuing the truth, and fulfilling their duty as a created being. Even if you have accomplished the most earth-shaking of feats; even if you have been to the Moon and back; even if you have made scientific advances that have been of some benefit or help to mankind, it is futile and all of it will pass away. What is the only thing that will not pass away? (The word of God.) Only the word of God, testimonies to God, all of the testimonies and works that bear witness for the Creator, and people’s good deeds will not pass away. These things will last forever, and they are so valuable. So, cast off all your restrictions, carry out this great endeavor, and don’t let yourselves be constrained by any people, events, and things; sincerely expend yourselves for God, and pour all your energy and effort into performing your duties. This is the thing that God blesses most of all, and it is worth any amount of suffering!

You follow God now, you listen to the word of God, and you accept the commission of the Creator. Sometimes it is a little difficult and tiring, and sometimes you receive a little humiliation and refinement; but these are good things, not bad things. What is it that you will gain, in the end? What you will gain is the truth and the life, and ultimately, the Creator’s approval and affirmation of you. God says, “You follow Me, and I favor you, and am pleased by you.” If God says nothing other than that you are a created being in His eyes, then you have not been living in vain, and you are useful. It is amazing to be acknowledged by God in this way, and it is no small feat. If people follow Satan, what will they gain? (Destruction.) Before they are destroyed, what will those people become? (They will become demons.) Those people will become demons. No matter how many skills people acquire, how much money they earn, how much fame and fortune they obtain, how many material benefits they enjoy, or how high their status is in the secular world, on the inside, they will become more and more corrupt, more and more evil and dirty, more and more rebellious and hypocritical, and ultimately, they will become living ghosts—they will become inhuman. So how are such people seen in the eyes of the Creator? Just “inhuman,” and that’s it? What is the Creator’s view and attitude toward such a person? It is aversion, disgust, abhorrence, rejection, and ultimately curses, punishment, and destruction. People walk different paths and end up with different outcomes. Which path do you choose? (To believe in God and to follow Him.) To choose to follow God is to choose the right path: It is to embark upon the path of light. If people want to live a worthwhile and meaningful life, have a clear conscience, and truly return before the Creator and to His side, they must wholeheartedly devote themselves, satisfying and glorifying God by fulfilling their duties as created beings—they cannot be half-hearted. You should say, “In my lifetime and in this world, I don’t expect to make a fortune, to stand out among others, or to bring honor to my ancestors, to gain preeminence among my peers, or to be thought highly of—I won’t fight for these things. I won’t follow that path. I will simply follow God and dedicate my life, my energy, and what abilities, gifts, and talents I have, to performing my duty, I will devote them all to God. During this time, even if I am spurned by others and at times I am dealt with and pruned, or misunderstood by my brothers and sisters; or if God refines and tests me, and causes me much suffering; or if I have no pleasures of the flesh in this life and find myself alone and uncared for—I accept all of these things and dedicate my whole being to God.” This is the will you must have! With a will such as this, one can endure many hardships, but without it, if one has only a desire or a sudden burst of enthusiasm, it will not work: There is no motivation. When busy with their duties, some people skip a couple of meals and get a bit less sleep, and when they see that they do not look well, they think, “This isn’t working. No matter how busy I am, I need to rest; I can’t get old before my time, and I can’t endure so many hardships. It’s important to take care of my health.” What do you think about these thoughts? They are inconsiderate of God’s will. They treasure the flesh more than they treasure their own duty and God’s commission; at the first taste of suffering, they lose their willingness, and they back down like a turtle retracting its head and start complaining; they are not capable of worrying about the things that God worries about, and they are not able to think about the things that God thinks about, they are inconsiderate of God’s will. If a leader says that a task is very urgent, people like this will reply, “I couldn’t care less about that, and I don’t want the inconvenience. I’m not interested.” Do people like that exist? (Yes, they do.) Such people are selfish, contemptible, and treacherous. They play tricks, they are not trustworthy, and they are not people who sincerely want God. They will say, too, that they have dedicated themselves to God, but these are mere words—these people do not handle any practical matters, they do not suffer the slightest hardship, or pay the slightest price. God does not delight in people such as these, and they do not have His blessing. Some people become unwilling to perform their duties as soon as their flesh suffers a little. Young people, in particular, care a lot about their appearance and become sad when they see their faces are haggard, that their skin is no longer smooth, or when they find a gray hair. They are always worried about becoming old and ugly, about not being able to find a partner, or about not being able to start a family. Can such people obtain the truth? What is God’s principle for judging whether people are able to pay a price in performing their duties, and whether they perform their duties to an acceptable standard? God simply wants to see people’s sincerity. Sometimes people think, “I’ll just offer up my heart, and that’ll be enough,” yet they go about doing what they normally do, without changing in the slightest way. How does God regard this matter? In one respect, God will look at your aspirations, and in another, He will look at your real actions. God will examine these things. If you have the aspiration and the will and at the same time can really pay a price, then even if you are weak at times, God will see that your heart has not truly given up, and that it is still striving upward, and that you love the truth, fairness, righteousness, and positive things, and He will not abandon you. Some people speak quite well, but their hearts are unmoved; they do not practice the slightest bit of the truth, and all they do is try to fool others. They have no choice but to speak in this way, this is how they handle the people around them. They may sound somewhat respectable, but in reality, they are unwilling to act. Even if they do act, they do not practice what they say. Instead, they do whatever they want, whatever is good for them, and whatever will protect them. Is there not a discrepancy between their words and actions? Can God see this discrepancy? God scrutinizes, and He is all too able to see it. Some people are deceitful and play little tricks. They think God does not know, that He neither cares nor sees. Is this really the case? How does God handle honest people and those who play little tricks? Can you see the difference between God’s treatment of these two types of people? (God blesses the honest and abhors the deceitful.) How does God bless honest people? What do you think about honest people having God’s blessing? (Honest people get results in their duties.) (God enlightens honest people, and honest people can easily understand the truth and enter into reality.) (God loves and cares for honest people, and only the honest can enter the kingdom of God.) These statements are all correct, and these are God’s blessings to honest people. Can you not see now the difference and attitude of God in His treatment of different people and of people who walk different paths? Honest people do foolish things and experience weakness, too; but they have God’s enlightenment and guidance, they enjoy His protection, and they can see His blessings everywhere. God disciplines, prunes, and deals with them, or tests and refines them, to make them change and grow. People who always play tricks in their words and actions, and who are always slippery and shirking responsibility in the fulfillment of their duties, are those who do not accept the truth at all. They do not have the work of the Holy Spirit, which is like living in a quagmire, in darkness. No matter how they grope, no matter how hard they try, they can neither see the light nor find a direction. They perform their duties without inspiration and without God’s guidance, hitting a wall in many matters, and they are unwittingly exposed while doing some things. What is the purpose of exposing them? It is so that everyone may discern them and see through to what kind of people they are. In fact, these kinds of people are all service-doers. After they finish rendering service, without having undergone any real transformation, they will begin to be exposed and cast out. Those who have committed all sorts of evil acts will be punished and, like unbelievers, they will die all sorts of horrible deaths. Some people have spoken blasphemous and presumptuous words, and consequently God no longer wants them, and He delivers them to Satan. Can delivering them to Satan still yield good results? Without God’s protection, Satan will torment them and act upon them; they will become possessed by demons, they will appear ghostly, until they are tormented to death by evil spirits. Doesn’t God treat different people in different ways? When God works in people, He is moving them, providing them with enlightenment and guidance, and transforming their inner states. Good people like to be honest more and more, because only by being honest can they perform their duties well and embark on the path of pursuing the truth. Only by being honest can they gain the work of the Holy Spirit and constantly reflect on themselves, not rebelling against God, submitting to God in the things that befall them, and seeking and striving for the truth in all things. This is exactly what God requires of people, and when they have met His requirements, He works in them, enlightening them, illuminating them, guiding them, and blessing them. God sets aside those who are sick of and hate the truth. How does God handle bad and evil people who commit all sorts of evil acts and consistently disrupt and disturb the work of the church? God will expose them and deliver them to Satan. They will start to cause trouble and reveal their true face, they will say adverse and negative things involuntarily, and sow discord, acting like clowns. They will do many bad things, which will cause disruptions and disturbances in the church, and when God’s chosen people understand the truth, and can discern and expose them, they will be cleared out and expelled. Is it their own choice? (No.) This is how things end for people who do not accept the truth and do not attend to their proper duties. When people do not walk the right path, if God delivers them to Satan and its little demons, then they are completely ruined and irreparably abandoned. Once they have been exposed, they will ponder, “What’s going on? Did I cause trouble? Was I disruptive, did I create a disturbance? Why was I not aware of this?” God surveys everything, and if He arranges environments to expose them and cast them out, then that will come to pass very quickly. It is possible that, after one or two incidents, they will be found to be evil people, and handled accordingly. There are some things that God takes care of personally, and there are other things that He does by using little demons, Satan, or evil spirits to render service for Him. In one respect, He perfects and edifies God’s chosen people; in another, He exposes and casts out evil people. If you measure this using your notions and think that it is not something done by God, that He does not do such things, that these things are not orchestrated by Him, is that not wrong? All things are in God’s hands, and you will know this once you have experienced it.

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