Treasuring God's Words Is the Foundation of Belief in God (Part Four)

Some people ask: “God’s words require man to assume the stand of a created being and fulfill his duty as a created being. We are not required to be a superman or great man, but I always feel such ambitions and desires. I am not content to be an ordinary person. What should I do then?” This problem is very simple. Why are you unwilling to be an ordinary person? If you first dig to the root of this question, your problem will be easily solved. God requires that man be an honest person. This is the most meaningful thing. If you understand the truth of what it is to be an honest person, you will know that being an honest person is to be a person possessing normal humanity, a true person. What are the outward signs of an honest person? To be an honest person is to be a normal person. What are the natural instincts, thoughts, and reason of normal people? How do the words and deeds of normal people appear? A normal person can speak from their heart. They will say whatever is in their heart without any falsehood or deceit. If they can understand a matter they encounter, they will act according to their conscience and reason. If they cannot see through it clearly, they will make mistakes and fail, they will entertain misconceptions, notions, and their personal imaginings, and they will be blinded by the illusions before their eyes. These are the outward signs of normal humanity. Do these outward signs of normal humanity satisfy the requirements of God? No. People cannot satisfy God’s requirements if they do not have the truth. These outward signs of normal humanity are the possessions of an ordinary, corrupt man. These are the things man is born with, the things native to him. You have to allow yourself to show these outward signs and revelations. While allowing yourself to show these outward signs and revelations, you must understand that such are man’s natural instincts, caliber, and inborn nature. What should you do once you understand this? You should regard it correctly. But how do you put this correct regard into practice? This is done by reading more of God’s words, further equipping yourself with the truth, bringing things that you don’t understand, things about which you entertain notions, and things about which you may make wrong judgments to God more often to reflect on them and seek the truth in order to solve all your problems. If you experience like this for a while, it doesn’t matter if you fail and stumble a few times. The most important thing is that you can clearly see these matters in God’s words and know how to practice in accordance with principles and God’s intentions. This shows that you have learned a lesson. After going through several years of failures and stumbles, if you clearly understand the essence of corrupt man, see to the root of the darkness and evil in the world, and discern the varied types of people, events and things, then you will be able to act according to the truth principles. As you are not a superman, nor a great man, you cannot penetrate and understand all things. It is impossible for you to see through the world at a glance, see through humankind at a glance, and see through everything happening around you at a glance. You are an ordinary person. You must undergo many failures, many periods of bewilderment, many errors of judgment, and many deviations. This can fully reveal your corrupt disposition, your weaknesses and deficiencies, your ignorance and foolishness, enabling you to reexamine and know yourself, and to have knowledge of God’s almightiness, full wisdom, and His disposition. You will gain positive things from Him, and come to understand the truth and enter reality. There will be much amid your experience that does not go as you wish, against which you will feel powerless. With these, you must seek and wait; you must gain from God the answer to each matter, and understand from His words the underlying essence of each matter and the essence of each sort of person. This is how an ordinary, normal person behaves. You must learn to say, “I can’t,” “It’s beyond me,” “I can’t penetrate it,” “I haven’t experienced it,” “I don’t know anything at all,” “Why am I so weak? Why am I so good for nothing?” “I am of such poor caliber,” “I’m so numb and dull-witted,” “I’m so ignorant that it will take me several days before I can understand this thing and take care of it,” and “I need to discuss this with someone.” You must learn to practice in this way. This is the outward sign of your admission that you are a normal person and your desire to be a normal person. Those who regard themselves as the great and mighty, who think they are not ordinary but superior and superhuman, they never say “I can’t,” “It’s beyond me,” “I can’t penetrate it,” “I don’t know, I have to learn, I have to look it up, I have to find people to fellowship with, I have to seek from the Above.” They never say such words. Especially once they have gained status, someone like this doesn’t want people to think that they are an ordinary person and that, just like everyone else, there are things that they are incapable of, things they can’t see through or understand. Instead, they always want people to mistake them for a superman. Therefore, when things happen to them, they do not need to bring such matters before God more often, and offer to Him a sincere heart. They do not need to seek. They understand, learn, and see through everything that happens to them in a matter of minutes. They have nothing of corruption or weakness. There is nothing that they cannot see through, there is nothing they have not experienced. Even if there was something they had not yet experienced, they would see through it at a glance. They are simply a perfect superman. Is this the manifestation of normal humanity? (No.) So then, are they a normal person? Certainly not. This sort of person does not admit that they are an ordinary person, that they have weaknesses, flaws and a corrupt disposition. So can they come before God with a sincere heart more often in order to seek and pray? Certainly not. This shows that they as yet lack the conscience and reason of normal humanity, nor do they live out normal humanity.

Tell Me, how can you be people who are ordinary and normal? How can you, as God says, assume the proper place of a created being—how can you not try to be a superman, or some great figure? How should you practice to be an ordinary and normal person? How can this be done? Who will answer? (First of all, we have to admit that we are ordinary people, very commonplace people. There are many things we don’t understand, don’t comprehend, and can’t see through. We must admit that we are corrupt and flawed. After that, we have to have a sincere heart and come often before God to seek.) Firstly, don’t give yourself a title and become bound by it, saying, “I am the leader, I am the head of the team, I am the supervisor, no one knows this business better than me, no one understands the skills more than me.” Don’t get caught up in your self-appointed title. As soon as you do, it will bind your hands and feet, and what you say and do will be affected. Your normal thinking and judgment will also be affected. You must free yourself from the constraints of this status. First, lower yourself from this official title and position and stand in the place of an ordinary person. If you do, your mentality will become somewhat normal. You must also admit and say, “I don’t know how to do this, and I don’t understand that, either—I’m going to have to do some research and studying,” or “I’ve never experienced this, so I don’t know what to do.” When you are capable of saying what you’re really thinking and speaking honestly, you will be possessed of normal reason. Others will know the real you, and will thus have a normal view of you, and you will not have to put on an act, nor will there be any great pressure on you, and so you will be able to communicate with people normally. Living like this is free and easy; anyone who finds living exhausting has caused this themselves. Don’t pretend or put up a front. First, open up about what you’re thinking in your heart, about your true thoughts, so that everyone is aware of them and understands them. As a result, your concerns and the barriers and suspicions between you and others will all be eliminated. You’re also hobbled by something else. You always consider yourself the head of the team, a leader, a worker, or someone with a title, status, and standing: If you say you don’t understand something, or can’t do something, are you not denigrating yourself? When you put aside these fetters in your heart, when you stop thinking of yourself as a leader or a worker, and when you stop thinking that you’re better than other people and feel that you are an ordinary person, the same as everyone else, and that there are some areas in which you are inferior to others—when you fellowship the truth and work-related matters with this attitude, the effect is different, as is the atmosphere. If, in your heart, you always have misgivings, if you always feel stressed and hobbled, and if you want to rid yourself of these things but can’t, then you should pray seriously to God, reflect on yourself, see your shortcomings, and strive toward the truth. If you can put the truth into practice, you will get results. Whatever you do, don’t speak and act from a certain position or using a certain title. First, put all this to one side, and put yourself in the place of an ordinary person. When someone says, “Aren’t you the leader? Aren’t you in charge of the team? You should understand this.” In response, you say: “Where in the word of God does it say that, if you are a leader or a team leader, you can understand everything? I don’t understand this. Don’t use your eyes to judge me. You require too much. It’s true that I am a leader, but my understanding of the truth is still too shallow and I don’t know what decision to make because I haven’t experienced this thing and I still can’t see it through. I need to pray and seek. God has said, do not fret for solutions to what you do not understand. You always want me to understand right now and make a decision right now. What if I make the wrong decision? Who would be responsible for this? Are you able to take responsibility? Do you want me to make a mistake? In doing this, are you responsible for me? We should work together, pray and seek together, and handle this matter well.” Can you do this? Is this easy to do? If you can talk to others in a heartfelt manner, then you can say, “Actually, my stature is also very small. If I don’t seek and pray, I can make a mistake at any time. Sometimes I can’t help but make mistakes. How big did you think my stature was? You have thought too highly of me.” When the other person hears what you say, they will feel in their heart that you are a very honest person who can speak from the heart. Then, they will not ask too much of you, but work with you instead. If you put this into practice, you will become more rational in the things you do, you will not be constrained and tied down by fame, gain, and status, and your heart will be set free. You will be able to speak and act with an open heart, and you will be able to cooperate in harmony with others and treat brothers and sisters correctly. At this time, your state will grow increasingly normal, and your actions become increasingly reasonable. Everyone will be able to see this and say, “This leader has truly changed. He truly possesses conscience and reason, and he has lived out normal humanity. With such a person as our leader, we also gain many benefits!” At this time, when you again engage in work, whether it is seeking and praying or going to others for fellowship, what you do is right and proper, and you will have no misgivings. In all you do, you proceed solidly and steadily. You do not fret for solutions, but let things play out. No matter what you encounter, you can bring it before God and offer your sincere heart. This is a principle you can practice in all things. Everyone, whether they are leaders and workers or brothers and sisters, is an ordinary person. They should all practice this principle. Everyone has a share in and responsibility for the practice of God’s word. You may be a leader, a worker, the head of a team, a person in charge, or a person highly regarded from among the group. No matter who you are, you should learn to practice in this way. Take off the halo and title you wear on your head, take off the crowns others have bestowed on you. Then, you will find it easy to become a normal person and, with ease, you will act on the basis of conscience and reason. Of course, after that, it is not enough to simply admit that you don’t understand and don’t know. This is not the ultimate solution that solves the problem. What is the ultimate solution? Bring matters and difficulties before God to pray and seek. It’s not enough for one person to pray alone. Instead, together with everyone, you must offer prayers concerning this matter and shoulder this responsibility and obligation. That is a wonderful way to do things! You will avoid taking the path of trying to be a great figure and a superman. If you can do this, you will unconsciously assume the proper place of a created being and free yourself from the constraints of the ambition and desire to be a superman and a great figure.

Standing in the proper place of a created being and being an ordinary person: Is this easy to do? (It is not easy.) Wherein is the difficulty? It is this: People always feel that their heads are topped with many halos and titles. They also give themselves the identity and status of great figures and supermen and engage in all those pretended and false practices and outward shows. If you don’t let go of these things, if your words and deeds are always constrained and controlled by these things, then you will find it difficult to enter into the reality of God’s word. It will be hard to stop fretting for solutions for things you don’t understand and bring such matters before God more often and offer to Him a sincere heart. You won’t be able to do this. It is exactly because your status, your titles, your identity, and all such things are false and untrue, because they go against and contradict God’s words, that these things bind you up so that you cannot come before God. What do these things bring to you? They make you good at disguising yourself, pretending to understand, pretending to be smart, pretending to be a great figure, pretending to be a celebrity, pretending to be capable, pretending to be wise, and even pretending to know everything, be capable of everything, and be able to do everything. This makes it so others will worship and admire you. They will come to you with all their problems, relying on you and looking up to you. Thus, it is as if you put yourself on a fire to roast. Tell Me, does it feel good to roast on the fire? (No.) You don’t understand, but you dare not say that you don’t understand. You can’t see through, but you don’t dare to say you can’t see through. You obviously made a mistake, but you dare not admit it. Your heart is in anguish, but you dare not say, “This time it’s really my fault, I owe a debt to God and to my brothers and sisters. I have caused such a great loss to the house of God, but I don’t have the courage to stand before everyone and admit it.” Why do you dare not speak? You believe, “I need to live up to the reputation and halo my brothers and sisters have given me, I can’t betray the high regard and trust they have for me, much less the eager expectations that they have held for me over so many years. Therefore, I have to keep pretending.” What is such a disguise like? You have successfully made yourself into a great figure and a superman. Brothers and sisters want to come to you to inquire, consult, and even beseech your counsel about whatever problems they face. It seems that they cannot even live without you. But isn’t your heart in anguish? Of course, some people don’t feel this anguish. An antichrist doesn’t feel this anguish. Instead, they delight in it, thinking that their status is above all else. An average, normal person, however, feels anguish when they are roasted on the fire. They feel that they are nothing at all, just like an ordinary person. They do not believe that they are stronger than others. They not only think that they cannot accomplish any practical work, but that they will also delay the work of the church and delay God’s chosen people, so they will take the blame and resign. This is someone with reason. Is this problem easy to solve? It is easy for people with reason to solve this problem, but difficult for those who lack reason. If, once you obtain status, you shamelessly enjoy the benefits of status with the result that you are revealed and eliminated for your failure to do real work, you have brought this upon yourself and deserve what you get! You do not merit even one bit of pity or compassion. Why do I say this? It’s because you insist on standing in a high place. You put yourself on the fire to roast. Your wound is self-inflicted. If you don’t want to sit on the fire and roast, you should give up all these titles and halos and tell your brothers and sisters the true states and thoughts in your heart. In this way, the brothers and sisters can treat you correctly and you don’t have to put on a disguise. Now that you have opened up and shed light on your true state, doesn’t your heart feel more at ease, more relaxed? Why walk with such a heavy burden on your back? If you give out your true state, will the brothers and sisters really look down on you? Will they really abandon you? Absolutely not. On the contrary, the brothers and sisters will approve of you and admire you for daring to speak your heart. They will say that you are an honest person. This will not hinder your work in the church, nor have the slightest negative effect on it. If the brothers and sisters really see that you have difficulties, they will voluntarily help you and work with you. What do you say? Isn’t this how it would be? (Yes.) To always put on a disguise so that others will look up to you is the stupidest thing. The best approach is to be an ordinary person with a regular heart, be able to open up to God’s chosen people in a pure and simple manner, and often engage in heartfelt talks. Never accept it when people look up to you, admire you, give you excessive praise, or speak flattering words. These things should all be rejected. For example, some people may say: “Aren’t you a university professor? Since you are so knowledgeable, you must have a great understanding of the truth.” Say to them: “What kind of university professor am I? No amount of knowledge can take the place of the truth. This knowledge has caused me great suffering. It is completely useless. Don’t think highly of me, I’m just an ordinary person.” Of course, some people have a hard time letting go of their status. They do want to be ordinary, everyday people and stand in the proper place of a created being. They do not want to suffer so, but they can’t help themselves. They always see themselves as superior people and can’t step down from their lofty perch. This is problematic. They like it when people revolve around them, gazing at them with admiring eyes. They like that people go to them with all their problems, rely on them, listen to them, and look up to them. They like that people believe that they are superior people who are experts in all things, that they are omniscient so that there is nothing they don’t understand, and they even think that it would be so good and wonderful if people were to regard them as overcomers. This is beyond all remedy. Some people accept the compliments and crowns bestowed by others and play the part of the superman and great figure for a time. But they feel uncomfortable and suffer anguish. What should they do? Whoever wants to flatter you is actually putting you on the fire to roast, and you should stay away from them. Or else, find an opportunity to reveal to them the truth of your corruption, speak to them about your true state, and expose your flaws and failings. In this way, they will not worship or look up to you. Is this easy to do? In fact, it is easy to do. If you really can’t do this, it proves that you are too arrogant and conceited. You really regard yourself as a superman, a great figure, and you don’t at all hate and abhor this kind of disposition in your heart. This being so, you can but wait for the stumble that disgraces you in the eyes of others. If you are someone who truly has reason, you will abhor and feel disgusted by the corrupt disposition that always wants to play the superman and great figure. At the very least, you must have this feeling. Only then can you hate yourself and rebel against the flesh. How should you practice to be an everyday person, an ordinary person, a normal person? First, you should deny and let go of those things you hold on to that you think are so good and valuable, as well as those superficial, pretty words with which others admire and praise you. If, in your heart, you are clear about what kind of person you are, what your essence is, what your failings are, and what corruption you reveal, you should openly fellowship this with other people, so that they can see what your true state is, what your thoughts and opinions are, so that they know what knowledge you have of such things. Whatever you do, don’t pretend or put up a front, don’t hide your own corruption and failings from others, so that no one knows about them. This kind of false behavior is an obstacle in your heart, and it is also a corrupt disposition and can stop people from repenting and changing. You must pray to God, and hold up for reflection and dissection the false things, like the praise others give to you, the glory they shower you with, and the crowns they bestow on you. You must see the harm these things do to you. In so doing, you will know your own measure, you will attain self-knowledge, and will no longer see yourself as a superman, or some great figure. Once you have such self-awareness, it becomes easy for you to accept the truth, to accept God’s words and what God asks of man into your heart, to accept the Creator’s salvation of you, to steadfastly be an ordinary person, someone who is honest and reliable, and to establish a normal relationship between yourself—a created being, and God—the Creator. This is precisely what God asks of people, and it is something that is wholly attainable to them. God only allows ordinary, normal people to come before Him. He does not accept worship from those feigned and false celebrities, great figures, and supermen. When you let go of these false halos, admit that you are an ordinary, normal person, and come to God to seek the truth and pray to Him, the heart that you have for Him will be much more genuine, and you will feel much more at ease. At such time, you will feel that you need God to support and help you, and you will be able to come before God more often to seek and pray to Him. Tell Me, do you think it is easier to be a great figure, a superman, or an ordinary person? (An ordinary person.) In theory, it is easy to be an ordinary person, but hard to be a great figure or superman, which always causes anguish. However, when people make their own choices and put this into practice, they cannot help but want to be a superman or great figure. They cannot help themselves. This is caused by their nature essence. Thus, man requires God’s salvation. In the future, when someone asks you, “How can one stop trying to be a superman and great figure?” will you be able to answer this question? All you need to do is practice the method I laid out. Be an ordinary person, don’t disguise yourself, pray to God, and learn to open yourself up in a simple way and speak with others from the heart. Such practice will naturally bear fruit. Gradually, you will learn to be a normal person, you will no longer be tired of life, no longer be in anguish, and no longer be in pain. All people are ordinary people. There is no difference between them, except that their personal gifts are different and they can vary somewhat in caliber. If not for God’s salvation and protection, they would all do evil and suffer the punishment. If you can admit that you are an ordinary person, if you can step out from within man’s imaginings and empty illusions and seek to be an honest person and do honest deeds, if you can conscientiously submit to God, then you will have no problems and you will fully live out a human likeness. It’s as simple as that, so why is there no path? What I have now said is very simple. In fact, that’s exactly the way it is. Those who love the truth can completely accept it, and they will also say, “Actually, God does not require too much of man. His requirements can all be met with human conscience and reason. It is not difficult for a person to perform their duty well. If a person acts from the heart and has the will and desire to put this into practice, it is easy to achieve.” But some people cannot achieve this. For those who always have ambitions and desires, who always want to be supermen and great figures, although they want to be ordinary people, it is not easy for them. They always feel that they are superior and better than others, so their whole heart and mind are consumed with the desire to be a superman or great figure. Not only are they unwilling to be ordinary people and keep to their status as created beings, but they vow that they will never give up on their pursuit to be supermen and great figures. This is beyond remedy.

Some people do not seek the truth and do not pray to God no matter what they encounter. They only act on the basis of their own wishes, gifts, and caliber. Even when they pray to God, they are only going through the motions, and in their heart, they think, “Whether or not God enlightens me is His business. I will just act in the way I think best.” They feel fully capable of handling these matters themselves and fully competent for the work they do. For them, praying to God is just a matter of going through the motions. What are such people like? Can they admit that they are ordinary, normal people? Can they enter into the reality of the word of God? (Not at all.) Do such people think that they can do anything? (Yes.) They believe that, even if they don’t act according to God’s words, they can handle anything, and they can get things done with no hassles or difficulties without seeking God’s words. What path are people like these walking? Is it the path of seeking to be a superman and great figure? (Yes.) No matter how great the mess they make or how many transgressions they commit, it is as nothing to them. As long as they have done many things, accumulated certain achievements, and felt a certain sense of superiority, they feel that they possess resources and abilities. They think themselves people who have worked hard and achieved much for God’s house. They do not need God’s words. They do not need God’s work. They themselves can do anything. Such people will never come before God. They boast that there is nothing they cannot do. When they encounter something, they never pray to God, nor seek the truth principles, let alone fellowship with their brothers and sisters. Nor do they ever seek from the Above, to say nothing of seeking the truth in God’s words. They think that many things are not touched on and given no concrete explanation in God’s words, so it is fine for them to solve such things on their own. Without knowing it, they have put God to one side. Without knowing it, they are contemptuous of others and trample everyone underfoot. The road they are walking is the road to becoming a celebrity, a great figure, and a superman. In the end, this sort of person cannot stand firm. If you were to ask them to learn to admit that they are ordinary people, that they are capable of making mistakes, committing transgressions, and failing, and that they have many faults and flaws, could they do this? (They could not.) If you told them to take off those halos and crowns, to let go of the high regard given to them by their brothers and sisters, and to give up their prestige and status in the church, would they consent? (They would not.) They would say, “How can I contentedly give up my hard-earned fame and crowns like this? I’m not that stupid!” They eagerly want more people to treat them as supermen and great figures. They don’t like people to see their faults and flaws and treat them as normal people. Even more do they dislike when people expose their mistakes, failures, and conduct. Can such people come before God often to pray and seek the truth? (They cannot.) Even if they come before God to pray, will they have a sincere heart? No. Everything they say and do is for the crown on their head and their own prestige. They do things for everyone to see, but will not accept God’s scrutiny and cannot offer God a sincere heart, which they do not have. In no way can they comprehend God’s intentions in the word of God and act in accordance with what God requires. Therefore, even if this sort of person wants to seek the truth and wants to be rid of the desire to be a celebrity or a great figure, they are not sincere. They cannot rebel against the flesh, nor can they practice the truth. What sort of person are they? They are disbelievers. They are antichrists. Once antichrists have status, influence, and a bit of prestige among the people, they will throw themselves into establishing an independent kingdom, setting off down a path from which there is no return. No matter how many times you engage them in fellowship on the truth or prune them, it will come to nothing. In God’s house, fellowship on the truth, talking about experiential testimonies, seeking to love God and testify to God, and engaging in fellowship on pure comprehension and principles of the truth—these positive things are only effective for those who love the truth and have a tremendous aspiration for God. For those who don’t love the truth, those who only pursue blessings, and those who like to play the part of the superman and great figure, they are of no use at all. Any truths, correct words, and positive things are all for those who love the truth, love the word of God, and have a tremendous aspiration for God. After listening to the truth, those who do not possess these qualifications will also say that the truth is right and the truth is good, but they will ponder it and think, “For what do I live? I live for prestige, status, crowns, halos, and God’s rewards. Without these, do I still have dignity? What is the meaning of my life? Is not faith in God just a means to chase after rewards and crowns? Now that I have paid the price with so much of my heart and blood, and after waiting so long, the time has finally come for God to reward the good and punish the evil. This is when I should be crowned and receive my reward. How can I yield this up to someone else? To be a normal person, an ordinary person, just like all the other plain people, what’s the point in living like that? I’m not that stupid!” Is not such a person beyond remedy? (Yes.) Do not seek to persuade such people. The truth is not for them, and what they want is not the truth. This sort of person seeks only blessings and crowns. Their desires and ambitions exceed the bounds of what is necessary for normal people. Some people can’t imagine why this sort of person clings to status and power and won’t let go. This is the essence and inborn nature of this kind of person. You can’t figure it out because your essence is different from theirs, and neither can they comprehend you. They don’t know why you are so stupid. You don’t want ready-made crowns, halos, and prestige and instead would be an ordinary person. They find you inconceivable. This type of person thinks, “You pursue the truth conscientiously, you practice what God tells you, you do what God tells you to do, and you submit to whatever God tells you to do. How can you be so stupid?” They think that being an honest person and practicing the truth is stupid, ignorant, and slow-witted. They believe that they are clever in pursuing knowledge and playing the part of a superior person. Thinking they understand everything, they conclude that “the life of a person who lacks status and prestige, wears no crowns on their head, and has no worth among men and no authority to speak is worthless. If one does not live for fame, they must live for profit. If not for profit, they must live for fame.” Is this not Satan’s logic? Living by Satan’s logic, there is no remedy for them. They could never accept any of God’s words, positive things, or correct advice. If they cannot accept this, what is there to do? These words we speak are not for them. These words are only addressed to people with normal humanity, only to people with a tremendous aspiration for God. They are only for these people. Only these people can earnestly listen to and ponder God’s words, attain an understanding of the truth, act according to the truth principles, perform their duties as God requires, practice and experience God’s words in the environments God has arranged, and gradually enter into the truth reality. As for those who harbor contempt and hostility for positive things and the word of God in their hearts, they cannot be reconciled to live an unremarkable and undistinguished life, be a commonplace person, come before God conscientiously, and seek and wait with all their hearts concerning matters they do not understand. They are not content to be such a person. Thus, it is impossible for such a person to be saved. The kingdom of heaven was not prepared for these people. Do you understand? (We understand.) Whosoever is able to be the ordinary, normal created being of which God speaks, and to stand in the proper place of a created being, whosoever is willing to be that foolish person looked down on by others, and can accept and submit to God’s words no matter what He says, often coming before God, often seeking, and possessing a sincere heart, can become one of the overcomers God speaks of. Whosoever becomes one of the overcomers God speaks of will finally receive that which God has promised to mankind. This is certain.

When God weighs whether an individual is good or bad, whether they pursue the truth, and whether they can attain God’s salvation, He considers their comprehension of His words and their attitude toward His words. He considers whether they can practice the truths they understand. He considers whether they can accept the truth when they are pruned and when they undergo trials. He considers whether they desire and accept God with a sincere heart. God does not judge their level of education, their caliber, how many gifts they possess, how far they have traveled, or how much work they have done. God does not consider these things, nor does He desire these things. Say that you always want to take your desires and ambitions to God and exchange them for rewards and crowns, but you have always dismissed and ignored God’s words. Though God has spoken thousands upon thousands of words, not a single word from God remains in your heart. Not even a word of God’s exhortations, of His warnings, or of His reminders, or even of His judgments, chastisements, or teachings—you do not have a single one of these words in your heart. You do not take a single word spoken by God as your motto in your heart. Your heart does not remember a single word from God and at the same time, you don’t pay any price to practice and enter into God’s words. If this is all true, then, from God’s perspective, your outcome and destination are already settled. If, in the presence of God, in the presence of the Creator, you are not reconciled to being an ordinary or commonplace person; if, in the presence of the Creator, you dare to act insolently; if you always want to play the great figure, the superman, the extraordinary individual, and you do not remain in the position God has given you, then what do you still want to obtain from God? Will God give it to you? If people want to obtain what God has promised to man, they must first follow God’s way. This is the general orientation. For the specific orientation, they must listen to and practice God’s words. This path will never steer them wrong. Listen to and practice God’s words, turn God’s words into the reality of your life, into the basis, principles, direction, and goal of what you say, how you conduct yourself, how you view things, and how you do things. That is to say that what you say and the judgments you make must have God’s words as their basis. Whenever you choose to engage with one type of person and avoid or reject another type of person, you must have the basis of God’s words. Even if you are angry and curse at others, your actions must have principles and context, and basically conform to the truth. In this way, you will live out the reality of God’s word and receive God’s approval. Seeking to enter into the truth reality is a process of pursuing the truth and living out normal humanity to become an eligible created being. It is also a process of freeing yourself from trying to be a superman, an exceptional person, and a celebrity or great figure. If you want to escape from the path of striving to become a superman, a celebrity, and a great figure, or this kind of method of pursuit, then you must first lower your posture, humble yourself, admit that you are a person, an insignificant person, and a person who can do nothing without God’s guidance—just an ordinary person. You must admit that you are nothing apart from God and God’s words. You are a person who is willing to accept the sovereignty and orchestration of the Creator. Without the breath God gave you—without all that He has given you—you are a corpse and good-for-nothing. Of course, while acknowledging these things, you must come before God and accept all the words of life He has spoken. Most importantly, you must enter into the reality of these words spoken by God, make God’s words into your life, have them become the foundation and basis of your life and existence, and make them into a source and a support of your survival throughout your whole life. This is God’s intention and His highest requirement for man.

Today, the main topic of our fellowship has been how to treat God’s words, how to eat and drink God’s words, how people should treasure God’s words, and how they should practice God’s words so as to enter into the truth reality and attain salvation. Mainly, we have engaged in fellowship on the importance of the word of God. These things are precisely the things you lack, and the things man should possess. If I did not fellowship in this way, you would not be able to see such things clearly. It seems that you have some subconscious knowledge, but you can’t explain what you know clearly. It’s like writing an article, when the outline is mapped out but you still can’t flesh out the content. This is your actual situation. Today’s fellowship on these things is a reminder and a warning to you. For each person, God’s words are the most important thing, and there is no substitution for the truth. Once you understand this point, you should have a path for how to practice. You must do more to eat and drink God’s words and practice God’s words so as to enter into the reality of God’s words. What should you do if you feel that your stature is too small, your ability to comprehend is lacking, and you cannot penetrate or reach the deep words of God and cannot apply them to yourself? Start by eating and drinking from the shallows. In your heart, memorize the simple, easy-to-understand words that you can practice yourself, make them the principles you follow in practice, and act according to God’s words. If God says go east, then go to the east. If God says go west, then go to the west. If God says pray more, then pray more. Do whatever God says. It is better to be thought a fool by others than to be what Satan would consider a smart and clever person. Only those who choose to practice the truth with the sole aim of gaining God’s approval are the truly intelligent and wise ones.

September 25, 2021

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