Daily Words of God: God's Disposition and What He Has and Is | Excerpt 238

The work I have planned keeps pressing forward without a moment’s surcease. Having moved into the Age of Kingdom, and having carried you into My kingdom as My people, I will have other demands to make of you; that is to say, I will begin to promulgate before you the constitution with which I will govern this era:

Since you are called My people, you should be able to glorify My name, that is, stand testimony in the midst of trial. If anyone attempts to deceive Me and conceal the truth from Me, or engage in disreputable dealings behind My back, they will without exception be chased out, removed from My house to await summary action. Those who have been unfaithful and disobedient to Me in the past, and today rise up again to judge Me openly, they too will be chased out from My house. Those who are My people must constantly care for My burdens as well as seek to know My words. Only people like this will I enlighten, and they will surely live under the guidance of My enlightenment, never meeting with chastisement. Those who, failing to care for My burdens, concentrate on planning for their own futures, that is, those who do not aim with their doings to satisfy My heart but rather to cadge a handout, these beggar-like creatures I absolutely refuse to use, because from the time they were born they know nothing of what it means to care for My burdens. They are people with abnormal sense; people like this are suffering from “malnutrition” of the brain, and need to go home for some “nourishment.” I have no use for people of this kind. Among My people, everyone will be required to regard knowing Me as an obligatory duty to be fulfilled to the end, like eating, dressing, and sleeping, something that one never forgets about for a moment, so that in the end knowing Me will become a familiar skill like eating, something you do effortlessly, with a practiced hand. As for the words I speak, every single one must be taken with the utmost certainty and fully assimilated; there can be no perfunctory half-measures. Anyone who does not pay attention to My words will be regarded as directly opposing Me; anyone who does not eat My words, or does not seek to know them, will be regarded as not giving Me attention, and will directly be swept out the door of My house. For, as I have said in the past, what I desire is not a great many people, but a select few. Out of a hundred people, if only one is able to know Me through My words, then I would willingly throw away all the others to focus on enlightening and illuminating this single one. From this you can see, it is not necessarily true that greater numbers alone can manifest Me, live out Me. What I want is wheat (even though the kernels may not be full) and not tares (even when the kernels are full enough to call for admiration). As for those who give no regard to seeking but instead behave in a slack manner, they should leave of their own accord; I don’t wish to see them anymore, lest they go on bringing disgrace to My name.

—The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. God’s Words to the Entire Universe, Chapter 5

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