Daily Words of God: Destinations and Outcomes | Excerpt 580

In a flash of lightning, every animal is revealed in its true form. So too, illuminated by My light, human beings have regained the sanctity they once possessed. Oh, that the corrupt world of the past has at last toppled over into the filthy water and, sinking below the surface, dissolved into mud! Oh, that all the humanity I created has at last come back to life again in the light, found the foundation for existence, and ceased to struggle in the mud! Oh, the myriad things of creation that I hold in My hands! How can they not, through My words, be renewed? How can they not, in the light, give play to their functions? Earth is no longer still and silent, heaven no longer desolate and sad. Heaven and earth, no longer separated by a void, are united as one, never to be sundered again. On this jubilant occasion, at this moment of exultation, My righteousness and My holiness have gone abroad throughout the universe, and all mankind extols them without surcease. The cities of heaven are laughing with joy, and the kingdoms of earth are dancing with joy. Who at this moment is not rejoicing? And who at this moment is not weeping? Earth in its primordial state belongs to heaven, and heaven is united with earth. Man is the cord uniting heaven and earth, and thanks to his sanctity, thanks to his renewal, heaven is no longer concealed from earth, and earth is no longer silent toward heaven. The faces of humanity are wreathed in smiles of gratification, and secreted in their hearts is a sweetness that knows no bounds. Man does not quarrel with man, nor do men come to blows with one another. Are there any who, in My light, do not live peacefully with others? Are there any who, in My days, disgrace My name? All human beings direct their reverential gaze toward Me, and in their hearts they secretly cry out to Me. I have searched humanity’s every action: Among the human beings who have been cleansed, there are none that are disobedient to Me, none that pass judgment on Me. All humanity is suffused with My disposition. Everyone is coming to know Me, is drawing closer to Me, and is adoring Me. I stand fast in the spirit of man, am exalted to the highest pinnacle in man’s eyes, and flow through the blood in his veins. The joyous exaltation in men’s hearts fills every place on the face of the earth, the air is brisk and fresh, dense fogs no longer blanket the ground, and the sun shines resplendent.

—The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. God’s Words to the Entire Universe, Chapter 18

Mankind Regains the Sanctity They Once Possessed


Lightning reveals all animals’ true form. Man has regained sanctity by God’s light. The old corrupt world has fallen into foul water, dissolved in mud. All mankind has revived in the light, finding their life source, freed from the mud. All things are renewed by God’s words, performing their functions in God’s light. Earth is no longer still and silent, heaven is no longer bleak and sad. They’re no longer parted by a void, now united, never split again.


On this now jubilant occasion, at this moment of exultation, His righteousness and holiness fill the cosmos. Mankind exalts them forever. Heaven’s cities are laughing with joy. Earth’s kingdoms are dancing too. Who’s not weeping at this moment? And who is not rejoicing through and through, and through? Earth’s primal state belongs to heaven, and heaven’s united with earth. Man’s the cord that binds them. And thanks to his sanctity and renewal, heaven’s no longer concealed, earth is not silent towards heaven. People smile with gratification, they feel endless sweetness in their hearts. All live in peace, and none shame God’s name in His day.


All gaze reverently towards God. In secret, their hearts cry out to Him. God has searched man’s every action. Clean men don’t disobey or judge Him. God’s disposition is with man. All love and draw near to Him. He stands fast in man’s spirit, He’s exalted, flowing through their veins. The exaltation in people’s hearts fills all places on the face of the earth. The air’s fresh, no fog is on the ground, and the sun now shines gloriously.

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