Daily Words of God | "Utterances of Christ in the Beginning: Chapter 9" | Excerpt 376

I want to remind you that even a little ambiguity or carelessness about My word is unacceptable; you must heed and obey, and practice in accordance with My intentions. You must always be alert, and never show an arrogant or self-righteous disposition; at all times, you must rely on Me to cast away that old, natural disposition that has dwelt within you. You should always be able to maintain a normal state before Me, and possess a stable disposition. Your thinking must be sober and clear, and should not be controlled or swayed by any person, event, or thing. You should always be capable of quietness in My presence, and maintain continuous closeness and fellowship with Me. You must show strength and backbone, and stand firm in your testimony to Me; rise up and speak on My behalf, and fear not what other people might say. Just fulfill My intentions, and do not let anyone control you. What I reveal to you must be followed in accordance with My intentions, and cannot be delayed. How do you feel deep down? You are uncomfortable, are you not? You will understand. Why are you unable to stand up and speak on My behalf, while taking My burden into consideration? You insist on engaging in petty scheming, but I see everything clearly. I am your support and your shield, and all is in My hands. What, then, are you afraid of? Are you not being overly emotional? You must cast aside your emotions as soon as you can; I do not act out of emotion, but exercise righteousness instead. If your parents do anything that is of no benefit to the church, they cannot escape. My intentions have been revealed to you, and you may not ignore them. Rather, you must focus all of your attention on them, and cast everything else aside to follow wholeheartedly. I will always keep you in My hands. Do not always be timid and under the control of your husband or wife; you must allow My will to be carried out.

Have faith! Have faith! I am your almighty. Perhaps you have some insight into this, but you still must be vigilant. For the sake of the church, My will, and My management, you must be fully devoted, and you will be made to see clearly all mysteries and outcomes. There will be no further delay; the days are coming to an end. What should you do? How should you seek to grow up and mature in your life? How can you make yourself useful to Me sooner? How will you enable My will to be carried out? These questions necessitate much thought and deeper fellowship with Me. Rely on Me, believe in Me, never be careless, and be able to go about things in accordance with My guidance. You must be well-equipped with the truth, and you must eat and drink of it more often. Every truth must be put into practice before it can be clearly understood.

Excerpted from The Word Appears in the Flesh

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