Daily Words of God | "Utterances of Christ in the Beginning: Chapter 13" | Excerpt 379

People these days are unable to let go of themselves; they always think they are right. They are stuck in their own little worlds, and they are not the right kind of person. They have wrong intentions and purposes, and if they persist in these things, then they will surely be judged, and, in serious cases, they will be eliminated. You must put more effort into maintaining continuous fellowship with Me, and not just fellowship with whomever you want. You must have an understanding of the people with whom you fellowship, and you must fellowship about spiritual matters in life; only then can you supply life to others and make up for their inadequacies. You should not talk to them in a lecturing tone; that is fundamentally the wrong position to have. In fellowship, you must have an understanding of spiritual matters, you must possess wisdom, and you must be able to understand what is in people’s hearts. If you are to serve others, then you must be the right kind of person, and you must fellowship with all that you have.

The crucial thing now is for you to be able to fellowship with Me, to communicate closely with Me, to eat and drink on your own, and to become close to God. You must come to understand spiritual matters as quickly as possible, and you must be able to clearly fathom your environment and what has been arranged in your surroundings. Are you capable of understanding what I am? It is crucial that you eat and drink based on what you lack, and live by My word! Recognize My hands, and do not complain. If you complain and break away, you may lose the opportunity to receive God’s grace. Start with drawing close to Me: What are you lacking, and how should you come close to Me and understand My heart? It is difficult for people to come close to Me, because they cannot let go of the self. Their dispositions are always unstable, constantly blowing hot and cold, and these people become conceited and self-satisfied the moment they get a little taste of sweetness. Some people have not yet awakened; how much of what you say embodies what you are? How much of it is self-defense, how much of it is mimicking others, and how much of it is following the rules? The reason you cannot grasp or understand the work of the Holy Spirit is that you do not know how to get close to Me. On the outside, you are always pondering things over, relying on the notions of the self and of your mind; you secretly research and engage in petty schemes, and you cannot even bring them out into the open. This shows that you do not truly understand the work of the Holy Spirit. If you genuinely know that something does not come from God, then why are you afraid to stand up and reject it? How many could stand up and speak for Me? You lack even the smallest part of strength of character possessed by the male child.

The purpose of everything that is arranged at present is to train you so that you may grow in your lives, to make your spirits keen and sharp, and to open your spiritual eyes so that you will recognize what things come from God. What comes from God enables you to serve with capability and burden, and to be steadfast in spirit. All things that do not come from Me are empty; they give you nothing, they cause a void in your spirit and make you lose your faith, and put distance between you and Me, trapping you in your own mind. You can now transcend everything in the secular world when you live in the spirit, but to live in your mind is to be taken in by Satan; this is a dead end. It is very simple now: Look upon Me with your heart, and your spirit will immediately grow strong. You will have a path to practice, and I will guide your every step. My word shall be revealed to you at all times and in all places. No matter where or when, or how adverse the environment is, I will make you see clearly, and My heart shall be revealed to you if you look to Me with yours; in this manner, you will run down the road ahead and never lose your way. Some people try to feel their way externally, yet never do so from within their spirits. They often cannot grasp the work of the Holy Spirit. When they fellowship with others, they just become more confused, having no path to follow and not knowing what to do. These people do not know what ails them; they may possess many things, and they may appear internally fulfilled, but is that of any use? Do you really have a path to follow? Do you possess any illumination or enlightenment? Do you have any new insights? Have you made progress, or have you regressed? Can you keep up with the new light? You have no submission; the submission you often mention is nothing but talk. Have you lived out an obedient life?

How big is the obstacle posed by people’s self-righteousness, complacency, self-satisfaction, and arrogance? Who is to blame when you cannot enter reality? You should examine yourself carefully to see whether you are a correct person. Are your goals and intentions made with Me in mind? Are all your words and actions said and done in My presence? I examine all of your thoughts and ideas. Do you not feel guilty? You put on a false front for others to see and you calmly assume an air of self-righteousness; you do this to shield yourself. You do this to conceal your evil, and you even think up ways to push that evil onto someone else. What treachery dwells in your heart! Think of everything you have said. Was it not for your own benefit that, afraid your soul would come to harm, you concealed Satan and then forcibly robbed your brothers and sisters of their eating and drinking? What do you have to say for yourself? Do you think that next time you will be able to make up for the eating and drinking that Satan has taken away this time? Thus, you now see it clearly; is this something for which you can compensate? Can you make up for the time lost? You must diligently examine yourselves to see why no eating and drinking was done in the past few meetings, and who caused this trouble. You must fellowship one by one until it is clear. If such a person is not strongly constrained, then your brothers and sisters will not understand, and then it will just happen again. Your spiritual eyes are closed; too many of you are blind! Moreover, those who do see are careless about it. They do not stand and speak up, and they, too, are blind. Those who see but do not speak up are mute. There are many here with handicaps.

Excerpted from The Word Appears in the Flesh

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