Daily Words of God: Entry Into Life | Excerpt 389

Peter was faithful to Me for many years, yet he never grumbled or had a complaining heart, and even Job was not his equal. Throughout the ages the saints, too, have all fallen far short of him. He not only pursued the knowledge of Me, but also came to know Me during the time that Satan was carrying out its deceitful schemes. This led to many years of service that was after My own heart, as a result of which he was never exploited by Satan. Peter drew upon the faith of Job, yet he also clearly perceived his shortcomings. Although Job was of great faith, he lacked a knowledge of matters in the spiritual realm, and thus he said many words that did not correspond to reality; this shows that his knowledge was still shallow, and incapable of being perfect. And so, Peter always looked to gaining a sense of the spirit, and always focused on observing the dynamics of the spiritual realm. As a result, he was not only able to ascertain something of My wishes, but also understood a little of the deceitful schemes of Satan, and thus his knowledge of Me was greater than any other throughout the ages.

From Peter’s experiences it is not hard to see that if man wishes to know Me, he must concentrate on the careful consideration in the spirit. I do not ask that you devote a great amount to Me externally; this is of secondary concern. If you do not know Me, then all the faith, love and loyalty that you speak of are but illusions, they are froth, and you are sure to become someone who makes great boasts before Me but does not know himself, and thus you will once more be ensnared by Satan and unable to extricate yourself; you will become the son of perdition, and will become the object of destruction. But if you are cold and uncaring toward My words, then you undoubtedly oppose Me. This is fact, and you’d do well to look through the gate to the spiritual realm at the many and varied souls that are chastised by Me. Which of them were not passive, and uncaring, and unaccepting toward My words? Which of them were not cynical toward My words? Which among them did not try to seize on My words? Which among them did not use My words as a defensive weapon with which to protect themselves? They did not pursue the knowledge of Me through My words, but merely used them as toys to play with. In this, did they not directly oppose Me? Who are My words? Who is My Spirit? So many times have I posed such words to you, yet have your seeings ever been higher and clear? Have your experiences ever been true? I remind you once again: If you do not know My words, do not accept them, and do not put them into practice, then you will inevitably become the object of My chastisement! You will surely become a victim of Satan!

—The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. God’s Words to the Entire Universe, Chapter 8

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