Daily Words of God: Entry Into Life | Excerpt 534

If you want to be praised by God, you must first escape from Satan’s influence of darkness, open your heart to God, and turn it to God completely. Are the things that you are now doing praised by God? Have you turned your heart to God? The things that you have done, are they what God has required of you? Do they fit with the truth? You must always examine yourself, concentrate on eating and drinking God’s words, lay out your heart before God, love God with sincerity, and spend for God with loyalty. Such men will surely receive God’s praise.

Those who do not live their life with honesty, pretending to be someone they are not when in front of others, giving an appearance of humility, patience and love, while in essence they are insidious, cunning and have no loyalty to God, such men are the typical model of those living under the influence of darkness, they are brood of vipers. Those whose belief in God is always for their own gains, those who are conceited and haughty, those who show off themselves, always protecting their own status, these are men who love Satan and oppose the truth, they resist God and belong completely to Satan. Those who are not attentive to God’s burdens, not serving God with a single heart, always concerned with their own interests and the interests of their family, unable to abandon everything to spend for God, never living their life in accordance with God’s words, they are living outside of God’s words. Such men will not receive God’s praise.

When God created men, it was to have men enjoy His richness, to have men genuinely love Him, and in this way, men live in His light. Today, all those who are unable to love God, not attentive to God’s burdens, unable to fully give their heart to God, unable to take God’s heart as their own, unable to shoulder God’s burdens as their own, God’s light is not shining upon any such men, therefore they are all living under the influence of darkness. Such men are on a path that goes against God’s will, all that they do has not a shred of truth, they are in collusion with Satan, and such men are living under the influence of darkness. If you can always eat and drink God’s words as well as be attentive to God’s will and practice God’s words, then you belong to God, then you are someone living inside God’s words. Are you willing to escape from Satan’s domain and live in the light of God? If you live inside God’s words, then the Holy Spirit will have an opportunity to perform His work; if you live under Satan’s influence, then the Holy Spirit will have no opportunity to perform any work. The work that the Holy Spirit performs on men, the light that He shines on men, the confidence that He gives to men last for only a moment; if men are not careful and do not pay attention, the work performed by the Holy Spirit shall pass them by. If men live inside God’s words, then the Holy Spirit shall be with them and perform work on them; if men are not living inside God’s words, then they are living within the bondage of Satan. Men living in a corrupt disposition do not have the presence of the Holy Spirit and do not have the Holy Spirit performing work on them. If you are living within the sphere of God’s words, if you are living in the situation as required by God, then you belong to God, and God’s work shall be performed on you; if you are not living within the sphere of God’s requirements, but instead living under Satan’s domain, then certainly you are living under Satan’s corruption. Only by living within God’s words, by giving your heart to God, can you meet the requirements of God; you must do as God says, you must make God’s words the foundation of your existence and the reality of your life, only then will you belong to God. If you sincerely practice in accordance with God’s will, then God shall perform work on you, and then you shall live under God’s blessings, you shall live in the light of God’s countenance, you shall also be able to grasp the work that the Holy Spirit performs, and you shall feel the joy of God’s presence.

Excerpted from The Word Appears in the Flesh

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