Daily Words of God: Entry Into Life | Excerpt 544

To seek perfection by God, one must first understand what it means to be perfected by God, what conditions one must possess in order to be perfected by God, then seek the paths to practice once one has a grasp of such matters. One must possess certain qualities in order to be perfected by God. Many do not possess the necessary qualities, which then requires one to put in the hard work, which then requires one’s subjective effort. Those with less of such qualities must put in more subjective effort. The greater your understanding of God’s words and the more you put them into practice, the faster you can enter onto the path of being made perfect by God. Through praying, you can be made perfect amid prayers; through eating and drinking the words of God, grasping the substance of God’s words, and living out the reality of God’s words, you can be made perfect; through experiencing God’s words on a daily basis, you come to know what is lacking in you, and, moreover, come to know your Achilles’ heel and weaknesses, and you offer prayer to God—through which you will gradually be made perfect. The paths to being made perfect: praying, eating and drinking the words of God, grasping the substance of God’s words, entering into the experiencing of God’s words, coming to know what is lacking in you, obeying the work of God, being mindful of God’s burden and forsaking the flesh through your loving heart, and having frequent communion with the brothers and sisters, which enriches your experiences. Whether it be communal life or your personal life, and whether it be large assemblies or small ones, all can allow you to acquire experiences and receive training, so that your heart can be at peace before God and return to God. All of this is the process of being made perfect. Experiencing the words of God that I have spoken of means being able to actually taste the words of God and allowing the words of God to be lived out in you so that you have greater faith and love toward God. Through this way, you will gradually shed the corrupt satanic disposition, you will gradually divest yourself of improper motivations, and live out the likeness of a normal person. The greater the love for God within you—which is to say, the more of you that has been made perfect by God, the less you are corrupted by Satan. Thanks to real experiences, you will gradually enter onto the path to being made perfect. Thus, if you wish to be made perfect, being mindful of the will of God and experiencing the words of God are especially important.

Excerpted from The Word Appears in the Flesh

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