Daily Words of God: Exposing Mankind's Corruption | Excerpt 367

Man is a creature without self-knowledge. Yet, unable to know himself, he nevertheless knows everyone else like the palm of his hand, as though all others have first passed his inspection and received his approval before they say or do anything, and hence as though he has taken the full measure of all others down to their psychological state. Human beings are all like this. Man has entered into the Age of Kingdom today, but his nature remains unchanged. He still does as I do in front of Me, but behind My back he starts getting up to his own unique “business.” Once that’s over and he comes before Me again, however, he is like a different person, seeming audaciously calm, features composed, pulse steady. Is this not precisely what makes man so despicable? How many people wear two completely different faces, one in front of Me and another one behind My back? How many of them are like newborn lambs before Me but behind Me turn into ravening tigers, and then become like little birds flitting merrily about in the hills? How many show purpose and resolve in front of Me? How many come before Me, seeking My words with thirst and longing but, behind My back, grow sick of them and renounce them, as though My words were an encumbrance? So many times, seeing the human race corrupted by My enemy, I have given up placing My hopes in mankind. So many times, seeing man come before Me in tears to sue for pardon, but on account of his lack of self-respect, his stubborn incorrigibility, I have closed My eyes to his action in anger, even when his heart is genuine and his intentions sincere. So many times, I see man capable of having faith to cooperate with Me, and how, before Me, he seems to be lying in My embrace, tasting the warmth of My embrace. So many times, seeing the innocence, liveliness, and loveliness of My chosen people, in My heart I have always taken pleasure on account of these things. Human beings know not how to enjoy their predestined blessing in My hands, because they do not know what is ultimately meant by either blessing or suffering. For this reason, mankind is far from sincere in their quest for Me. If there were no such thing as tomorrow, which of you, standing before Me, would be as white as the driven snow, as unspotted as pure jade? Surely your love for Me is not something that can be exchanged for a delicious meal, or a classy suit of clothes, or high office with handsome emoluments? Or can it be exchanged for the love that others bear you? Surely, undergoing trial will not drive man to abandon his love for Me? Surely, suffering and tribulation will not cause him to complain against what I have arranged? No man has ever truly appreciated the sword in My mouth: He knows only its surface meaning without truly grasping the inner. If human beings were genuinely able to see the sharpness of My sword, they would go scurrying like rats into their holes. Because of their numbness, human beings understand nothing of the true meaning of My words, and so they have no clue as to how formidable My words are, or just how much of their nature is revealed, and how much of their corruption has received judgment, within those words. For this reason, based on their half-baked ideas about My words, most people have taken up a lukewarm and noncommittal attitude.

—The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. God’s Words to the Entire Universe, Chapter 15

The True Meaning of God’s Words Has Never Been Understood


Humans don’t know how to enjoy their destined blessings in God’s hands, for they can’t tell suffering from blessing. So they’re not true in their quest for God. If tomorrow doesn’t happen, which of you, standing before God, would be white as the driven snow, like pure jade with no single spot? Surely your love for God can’t be exchanged by a delicious meal or be exchanged by classy clothes or a high office with handsome pay? Can it be swapped for others’ love or abandoned because of trials? Surely tribulation won’t cause complaints against the plans of God?


No man has truly understood the sword that is inside God’s mouth. He knows only surface meaning, the inner meaning he can’t figure out. If human beings truly saw the true sharpness of God’s sword, they would go scurrying like rats, going right back into their holes. Too numb to know the truth of God’s words, they have no clue the strength of them, how much their corruption is judged, or how much their nature’s revealed. Based on half-baked ideas on God’s words, most have an attitude that is lukewarm.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. God’s Words to the Entire Universe, Chapter 15

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