God Himself, the Unique VIII

God Is the Source of Life for All Things (II) (Part Two)

The Basic Living Environment God Creates for Mankind

3. Sound

The third thing is sound. This is also something that a normal living environment for human beings must be equipped with. Sound came into being when God created everything. God dealt with it very well at the time. This is something very important to God and also for the survival of mankind. If God did not handle the issue of sound well, it would have been a huge obstacle to the survival of mankind. That is to say that it would have had a very significant impact on man’s body and life, to the extent that mankind would not have been able to survive in such an environment. It can also be said that all living things cannot survive in such an environment. So what is this thing? It is sound. God created everything, and everything lives in God’s hands. In God’s eyes, all things are moving and living. God created all things, and the existence of each one of them has value and meaning. That is, they all have a necessity behind their existence. However, among all things created by God, each thing has a life; since they are all alive and moving, they will naturally produce sounds. For instance, the earth is constantly turning, the sun is constantly turning, and the moon is also constantly turning. Sounds are constantly being made in the lives and motions of all things. Things on earth are also constantly propagating and developing and moving. For example, the bases of mountains are moving and shifting, while all the living things in the depths of the seas are all moving and swimming. These living things, all things in the eyes of God, are all constantly, normally, and regularly in motion. So what do the surreptitious propagation and developments and motions of these things bring? Powerful sounds. Apart from the earth, all kinds of planets are also constantly in motion, and living things and organisms on these planets are also constantly propagating, developing and in motion. That is, all things with life and without life are constantly moving forward in God’s eyes, and when all kinds of living things are in motion they are also making sounds at the same time. God has also dealt with these sounds. Why? You should know this, right? When you get close to an airplane, what will the roaring sound of the plane do to you? (Ears will be deafened.) Will it damage people’s hearing? Will their hearts be able to withstand it? (No.) Some with weaker hearts will not be able to take it. Of course, even those with strong hearts won’t be able to take it if it goes on for too long. That is to say, the impact of sound on the human body, whether it is to the ears or the heart, is extremely significant for every single person, and sounds that are too loud will bring people harm. Therefore, when God created all things and after they began functioning normally, God also put these sounds—the sounds of all things in motion—through the appropriate treatment. This is also one of the necessary considerations God had when creating an environment for mankind.

First of all, the height of the atmosphere from the earth’s surface will eliminate and restrict sounds. Also, the size of the spaces between the land, that is, the size of the voids in the soil, will also manipulate and influence sound. Then there is the confluence of various geographical environments, which will also affect sound. That is to say, God uses certain methods to get rid of some sounds, so that humans can survive in an environment that their ears and hearts can bear. Otherwise sounds will bring a huge obstacle to mankind’s survival, and it will bring major trouble to their lives. This is a big problem. That is to say, God was very particular in His creation of land, the atmosphere, and the various kinds of geographical environments. God’s wisdom is contained in all of this. Mankind’s understanding of this does not need to be too detailed. All they need to know is that God’s action is contained therein. God’s creation of all things was indeed for the sake of mankind’s survival. Now you tell Me, was God’s work in manipulating sound necessary? Can you not feel the necessity of God doing this? The work that God did was conducting very precise manipulation of sound. He did this work to maintain mankind’s living environment and their normal lives. Was this work necessary? (Yes.) If this work was necessary, then from this perspective, can it be said that God used such a method to supply all things? God supplied mankind with and created such a quiet environment, so that mankind’s body can live very normally in such an environment, and so that mankind will not have any interferences and be able to exist and live normally. Is this not one of the ways in which God supplies mankind? (Yes.) Was this thing God did very important? (Yes.) It was very necessary. So how do you appreciate this? Even though you cannot feel that this was the action of God, nor do you know how God did it at the time, can you still feel the necessity of God doing this thing? Can you feel God’s wisdom or the care and thought He put into it? (Yes.) Just being able to feel this is okay. It’s sufficient. There are many things God has done among all things that people cannot feel and are hard for them to see. The purpose of Me mentioning it here is just to provide you with some information about God’s actions and so you can get to know God. These clues can let you know and understand God’s actions better.

4. Light

The fourth thing is related to people’s eyes—that is, light. This is very important. When you see a bright light, and the brightness of this light reaches a certain extent, your eyes will be blinded. After all, human eyes are eyes of flesh. They are not immune to damage. Does anyone dare to stare directly at the sun? (No.) Has anyone tried it? Some people have tried it. You are able to look with sunglasses on, right? That requires the assistance of tools. Without tools, man’s naked eyes do not dare to stare directly into the sun. Human beings do not have this ability. God created the sun to bring light to mankind, but He also manipulated this light. God did not simply leave the sun and ignore it after creating it. “Who cares if man’s eyes can withstand it!” God doesn’t do things like that. He does things very delicately and considers all aspects. God gave mankind eyes so they can see, but God has also prepared the range of brightness that they can see under. It won’t do if there is not enough light. If it is so dark that people cannot see their hand in front of them, then their eyes will lose their function and be of no use. People’s eyes will not be able to withstand places that are too bright, and they will also not be able to see anything. So in the environment mankind lives in, God has given them the amount of light appropriate to human eyes. This light will not hurt or damage people’s eyes. Moreover, it will not make people’s eyes lose their function, and can also guarantee that people’s eyes will be able to clearly see everything they should see. This is why God had added the appropriate amount of clouds around the sun and the earth, and the density of the air is also able to normally filter out the light that can hurt people’s eyes or skin. This is correlated. In addition, the color of the earth created by God also reflects sunlight and all kinds of light and gets rid of that part of the brightness in light that makes human eyes uncomfortable. That way, people don’t need to always wear very dark sunglasses to be able to walk around outside and carry out their lives. Under normal circumstances, human eyes can see things within the scope of their vision and will not be interfered with by light. That is, this light cannot be too piercing nor too dim: If it is too dim, people’s eyes will be damaged and they won’t be able to use them for very long before their eyes stop functioning; if it is too bright, people’s eyes won’t be able to withstand it, and their eyes will be unusable within 30 to 40 years or 40 to 50 years. That is to say, this light is suitable for human eyes to see, and the damage brought to human eyes by light has been minimized by God through various methods. Regardless of whether light brings benefits or drawbacks to human eyes, it is sufficient to allow people’s eyes to last until the end of their lives. Right? (Yes.) Hasn’t God thought it through very thoroughly? But when Satan, the devil, does things, it never considers any of these. It does not care at all whether something will bring harm to people. It has done a lot of things to damage the ecological environment, and people have now seen some of it. The light is either too bright or too dim—it does not consider mankind’s feelings at all.

God did these things to all aspects of the human body—vision, hearing, taste, breathing, feelings … to maximize mankind’s survival adaptability so that they can live—to live normally and continue to live. Such an existing living environment created by God is the living environment most suitable and beneficial to the survival of mankind. Some might think that this is not much and that it is all just very ordinary. Sounds, light, and air are things people feel they are born with, things they can enjoy from the moment of birth. But what God did behind your enjoyment of these things is something you need to know and understand. Regardless of whether you feel there is any need to understand or know these things, in short, when God created these things, He had expended thought, He had a plan, He had certain ideas. He did not put mankind in such a living environment simply, casually, or without any consideration. You may think that each one of these things I have spoken about is not a big deal, but in My view, each thing God supplied to mankind is necessary for the survival of humanity. There is God’s action in this.

5. Airflow

What is the fifth thing? This thing is very much related to the life of every human being, and it is also something that the human body cannot live without in this material world. This thing is airflow. “Airflow” is a word all people probably understand. So what is airflow? Try explaining in your own words. (Airflow is the flow of air.) You could say that. The flow of air is called “airflow.” Are there any other explanations? What does the word “airflow” mean? Airflow is wind that the human eye cannot see. It is also a way in which gas moves. That is correct too. But what is airflow we’re mainly talking about here? You’ll understand as soon as I say it. The earth carries the mountains, the seas, and all things as it turns, and when it turns there is speed. Even if you can’t feel any rotating, its rotation indeed exists. What does its rotation bring? What happens when a person runs? Is there wind by your ears when you run? (Yes.) That’s it. If wind can be generated when you run, then how can there not be wind power when the earth rotates? When the earth rotates, all things are in motion. It is in motion and rotating at a certain speed, while all things on earth are also constantly propagating and developing. Therefore, moving at a certain speed will naturally bring airflow. Such is what airflow is. Will this airflow affect the human body to a certain extent? (Yes.) It will. If the entire earth is full of plains, then when the earth and all things rotate at a certain speed, the tiny human body would not be able to bear the force of the wind. Taiwan and Hong Kong both have typhoons. Those typhoons aren’t that powerful, but when they hit, people can’t stand still and find it hard to walk in the wind. It’s difficult to even take a step. This is one of the ways airflow can affect mankind. If the entire earth is full of plains, the airflow that is generated when the earth rotates is not something the human body can withstand. It would be extremely difficult to handle. If that is the case, this airflow would not just bring mankind harm, but destruction. No one would be able to survive in such an environment. That is why God uses different geographical environments to resolve such airflows, to weaken such airflows by changing their direction, speed, and force through different environments. That is why people can see different geographical environments, such as mountains, mountain ranges, plains, hills, basins, valleys, plateaus, and rivers. God applies these different geographical environments to change an airflow’s speed, direction and force, using such a method to reduce or manipulate it into an appropriate wind speed, wind direction, and wind force, so that humans can have a normal living environment. Doing something like this seems difficult for humans, but it is easy for God because He observes all things. For Him to create an environment with a suitable airflow for mankind is too simple, too easy. Therefore, in such an environment created by God, each and every thing among all things is indispensable. There is value and necessity in all of their existence. However, Satan and corrupted mankind do not have such a philosophy. They keep destroying and developing, vainly dreaming of turning mountains into flat land, filling up canyons, and building skyscrapers on flat land to create concrete jungles. It is God’s hope that mankind can live happily, grow happily, and spend each day happily in the most suitable environment He prepared for them. That is why God has never been careless when it comes to dealing with mankind’s living environment. From temperature to air, from sound to light, God has made intricate plans and arrangements, so that mankind’s living environment and their bodies would not be subject to any interference from natural conditions, and instead mankind would be able to live and multiply normally and live with all things normally in harmonious coexistence. This is all supplied by God to all things and mankind.

Can you see, from the way He dealt with these five basic conditions for human survival, God’s supply of mankind? (Yes.) That is to say that God created all five of the most basic conditions for human survival. At the same time, God is also managing and controlling these things, and even now, after human beings have been in existence for thousands of years, God is still continuously changing their living environment, providing the best and most suitable living environment for mankind so that their lives can be maintained normally. When will this be maintained till? In other words, how long will God keep providing such an environment? Until God thoroughly completes His management work. Then, God will change mankind’s living environment. It could be through the same methods, or it could be through different methods, but what people really need to know now is that God is continuously supplying mankind’s needs, managing mankind’s living environment, and preserving, protecting and maintaining mankind’s living environment. It is because of such an environment that God’s chosen people are able to live normally like this and accept God’s salvation and chastisement and judgment. All things are continuing to exist because of God’s rule, while all of mankind is continuing to move forward because of God’s supply in this manner.

Has this part I just communicated brought you any new thoughts? Do you now sense the biggest difference between God and mankind? Just who is the master of all things? Is it man? (No.) Then do you know what is the difference between how God and humans deal with all things? (God rules over and arranges all things, whereas man enjoys all of it.) Do you agree with those words? (Yes.) The biggest difference between God and mankind is that God rules over all things and supplies all things. God is the source of everything, and mankind enjoys all things while God supplies them. That is to say, man enjoys all things when he accepts the life God bestows on all things. Mankind enjoys the results of God’s creation of all things, whereas God is the Master. Right? Then from the perspective of all things, what is the difference between God and mankind? God can see clearly the growth patterns of all things, and controls and dominates the growth patterns of all things. That is, all things are in God’s eyes and within His scope of inspection. Can mankind see all things? (No.) What mankind sees is limited. You can’t call that “all things”—it’s just what they see before their eyes. If you climb this mountain, what you see is this mountain. You can’t see what’s on the other side of the mountain. If you go to the beach, you can see this side of the ocean, but you don’t know what the other side of the ocean is like. If you arrive at this forest, you can see the plants in front of your eyes and around you, but you can’t see what’s further ahead. Humans cannot see places that are higher, farther and deeper. All they can see is what’s in front of their eyes and within their line of sight. Even if humans know the pattern of four seasons in a year and the growth patterns of all things, they are unable to manage or dominate all things. On the other hand, the way God sees all things is like the way God would see a machine that He personally built. He would know each component extremely well. What are its principles, what are its patterns, and what is its purpose—God knows all of these things plainly and clearly. Hence God is God, and man is man! Even if man keeps researching science and the laws of all things, it is only within a limited range, whereas God controls everything. For man, that is infinite. If man researches something very small that God did, they could spend their entire life researching it without achieving any true results. That is why if you use knowledge and what you have learned to study God, you will never be able to know or understand God. But if you use the way of the truth and seeking God, and look at God from the perspective of getting to know God, then one day you will admit that God’s actions and wisdom are everywhere, and you will also know just why God is called the Master of all things and the source of life for all things. The more you have such knowledge, the more you will understand why God is called the Master of all things. All things and everything, including you, are constantly receiving God’s steady flow of supply. You will also be able to clearly sense that in this world, and among this mankind, there is no one apart from God who can have such power and such essence to rule over, manage, and maintain the existence of all things. When you achieve such an understanding, you will truly admit that God is your God. When you reach this point, you have truly accepted God and let Him be your God and your Master. When you have such an understanding and your life reaches such a point, God will no longer test you and judge you, nor will He make any requirements of you, because you understand God, know His heart, and have truly accepted God in your heart. This is an important reason for communicating these topics about God’s domination and management of all things. It is to give people more knowledge and understanding; not just to make you admit, but to give you more practical knowledge and understanding of God’s actions.

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