Daily Words of God: Judgment in the Last Days | Excerpt 97

Zion! Rejoice! Zion! Sing out! I have returned in triumph, I have returned victorious! All peoples! Hurry to line up in order! All things of creation! Come now to a halt, for My person faces the whole universe and appears in the East of the world! Who dares not to kneel down in worship? Who dares not to call Me the true God? Who dares not to look up in reverence? Who dares not to give praise? Who dares not to rejoice? My people will hear My voice, and My sons will survive in My kingdom! Mountains, rivers, and all things will cheer unendingly, and leap about without cease. At this time, none will dare to fall back, and none will dare to rise up in resistance. This is My wonderful deed, and even more than that, it is My great power! I will make everything revere Me in its heart and, beyond even this, I will have everything praise Me! This is the ultimate aim of My management plan of six thousand years, and it is what I have ordained. Not one person nor object nor event dares to rise up to resist Me or oppose Me. All My people will flow to My mountain (in other words, the world that I will later create) and they will submit before Me, because I have majesty and judgment, and I carry authority. (This refers to when I am in the body. I also have authority in the flesh, but because the limitations of time and space cannot be transcended in the flesh, it cannot be said that I have obtained complete glory. Although I obtain the firstborn sons in the flesh, it cannot be said that I have obtained glory. It is only when I return to Zion and change My appearance that I may be said to carry authority—that is, that I have obtained glory.) Nothing will be difficult for Me. By the words of My mouth, all shall be destroyed, and by the words of My mouth, all will come into being and be made complete. Such is My great power and such is My authority. Because I am full of power and replete with authority, no person could dare obstruct Me. I have already triumphed over everything, and I have already won victory over all of the sons of rebellion. I am bringing My firstborn sons together with Me to return to Zion. I am not returning to Zion alone. Therefore, all will see My firstborn sons and thus develop a heart of reverence for Me. This is My aim in obtaining the firstborn sons, and this has been My plan since the creation of the world.

When all is ready, that will be the day of My return to Zion, and this day will be commemorated by all peoples. When I return to Zion, all things on earth will be silent, and all upon the earth will be at peace. When I return to Zion, everything will resume its original appearance. Then, I will commence My work in Zion. I will punish the wicked and reward the good, and I will bring into force My righteousness, and I will carry out My judgment. I will use My words to accomplish everything, making all people and all things experience My chastising hand, and I will make all people see My full glory, My full wisdom, and My full bounty. No person will dare to rise up in judgment, for in Me, all things are accomplished; and here, let every man see My full dignity, and taste My full victory, for in Me all things are manifested. From this, it is possible to see My great power and My authority. No one will dare offend Me, and no one will dare obstruct Me. In Me, all is made open. Who would dare hide anything? I am certain to show that person no mercy! Such wretches must receive My severe punishment, and such scum must be purged from My sight. I will rule them with an iron rod and I will use My authority to judge them, without the slightest mercy and without sparing their feelings at all, for I am God Himself, who is without emotion and majestic and cannot be offended. All should understand and see this, lest they come to be struck down and annihilated by Me “without cause or reason,” for My rod will strike down all who offend Me. I do not care whether they know My administrative decrees; that will be of no consequence to Me, as My person does not tolerate being offended by anyone. This is the reason why it is said that I am a lion; whomever I touch, I strike down. That is why it is said that it is now blasphemy to say that I am the God of compassion and lovingkindness. In essence, I am not a lamb, but a lion. No one dares offend Me; whosoever offends Me, I will punish with death, immediately and without mercy. This suffices to show My disposition. Therefore, in the final age a large group of people shall withdraw, and this will be difficult for people to bear, but for My part, I am relaxed and happy, and I do not see this as a difficult task at all. Such is My disposition.

—The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Utterances of Christ in the Beginning, Chapter 120

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