Transgressions Will Take Man to Hell

I have given you many warnings and bestowed upon you many truths in order to conquer you. Today you feel more enriched than you did in the past, understand many principles of how a person should be, and possess so much of the common sense that faithful people should have. This is what you have gained over many years now. I do not deny your achievements, but I have to say frankly that I also do not deny your numerous disobediences and rebellions against Me these many years, because there is not one saint among you, you are without exception people corrupted by Satan, and the enemies of Christ. Your transgressions and your disobediences down to the present are countless, so it is hardly strange that I am always repeating Myself in front of you. I do not want to live this way with you, but for the sake of your futures, for the sake of your destinations, I will here go over what I have said once more. I hope you will indulge Me, and I hope even more that you will be able to believe every word that I say, and still more, that you may infer the deeper implications of My words. Be in no doubt about what I say, or worse, pick up My words as you wish and toss them away at will, which I find intolerable. Do not judge My words, still less take them lightly, or say that I am always tempting you, or worse, say that what I have told you lacks accuracy. These things I find intolerable. Because you treat Me and treat what I say with such suspicion and never take it in, I am telling each of you in all seriousness: Do not link what I say with philosophy, do not put it together with the lies of charlatans, and even more, do not respond to My words with contempt. Perhaps no one in the future will be able to tell you what I am telling you, or speak to you so charitably, still less walk you through these points as patiently. The days to come will be spent in recalling the good times, or in sobbing out loud, or groaning in pain, or you will be living through dark nights without a shred of truth or life provided, or just waiting hopelessly, or in such bitter regret that you are past reason…. These alternative possibilities are virtually inescapable for any one among you. Because none of you occupies a seat on which you truly worship God; you immerse yourselves in the world of licentiousness and evil, mix into your beliefs, into your spirits, souls, and bodies so many things that have nothing to do with life and truth and actually are in resistance to them. So what I hope for you is that you can be brought to the road of light. My sole hope is that you are able to care for yourselves, able to take care of yourselves, not place so much emphasis on your destination that you view your behavior and transgressions with indifference.

People who believe in God for a long time now have hoped for a beautiful destination, all people who believe in God hope that good fortune will suddenly come to them, and they all hope that before they know it they will peacefully find themselves seated at one place or another in heaven. But I say these people with their lovely thoughts have never known whether they have the qualification to receive such good fortune falling from heaven, or to sit at a seat in heaven. You at present have a good knowledge of yourselves, yet you still are hoping you can escape the disasters of the last days and the hand of the Almighty punishing the evil ones. It seems as though having sweet dreams and wanting a life of ease is a common feature of all people whom Satan has corrupted, not the stroke of genius of some lone individual. Even so, I still want to put an end to your extravagant desires and your eagerness to gain blessings. Given that your transgressions are numerous and the facts of your disobedience numerous and ever growing, how can these fit with your lovely blueprints for the future? If you want to go on as you please being in the wrong, with nothing holding you back, but still want dreams to come true, then I urge you to continue in your stupor and never wake up, because yours is an empty dream, and will not serve to make an exception of you in the face of the righteous God. If you just want dreams to come true, then never dream, but forever face the truth, face the facts. That is the only way to save you. What are the steps of this method in concrete terms?

First, conduct an examination of all your transgressions, and examine all your behavior and thoughts that do not conform to truth.

This is an item that you can do easily, and I believe that thinking people are able to do this. However, those people who never know what is meant by transgression and truth are the exception, because fundamentally they are not thinking people. I am talking to people who have been approved by God, are honest, have not seriously offended the administrative decrees, and can easily find their own transgressions. Although this is an item that I require of you that is easy for you, it is not the only item that I require of you. No matter what, I hope that you will not laugh in private at this requirement, or still more, that you will not look down on it or take it lightly. Treat it seriously, and do not dismiss it.

Second, for each of your transgressions and disobediences look for a corresponding truth and use these truths to resolve them, then replace your transgressive acts and disobedient thoughts and acts with the practice of truth.

Third, be an honest person, not someone who’s always being clever, always crafty. (Here I am asking you again to be an honest person.)

If you can accomplish all three of these items then you are fortunate, a person whose dreams come true and who gets good fortune. Perhaps you will treat these three unappealing requests seriously, or perhaps treat them irresponsibly. Whichever, My purpose is to fulfill your dreams, put your ideals into practice, not to make fun of you or to make a fool out of you.

My demands may be simple, but what I am telling you is not so simple as one plus one equals two. If all you do is to talk at random about this, ramble on in empty, high-sounding statements, then your blueprints and your wishes will forever be a blank page. I will have no sense of pity for those of you who suffer for many years and work hard with nothing to show for it. On the contrary, I treat those who have not met My demands with punishment, not rewards, still less any sympathy. Perhaps you imagine that for being a follower for many years you put in hard work no matter what, so in any case you can get a bowl of rice in God’s house for being a service-doer. I would say the majority of you think this way because you have always up to now pursued the principle of how to take advantage of something and not be taken advantage of. So I am telling you now in all seriousness: I do not care how meritorious your hard work is, how impressive your qualifications, how closely you follow Me, how renowned you are, or how improved your attitude; so long as you have not done what I have demanded, you will never be able to win My praise. Write off all those ideas and calculations of yours as early as possible, and start treating My demands seriously. Otherwise, I will turn all people into ashes in order to bring an end to My work, and at worst turn My years of work and suffering into nothing, for I cannot bring My enemies and people reeking of evil on the model of Satan into My kingdom, into the next age.

I have a lot of wishes. I wish you can conduct yourselves in a proper and well-behaved manner, be faithful to fulfill your duty, have truth and humanity, be someone who can give up everything and give up their lives for God, and so forth. All of these hopes stem from your insufficiencies and your corruption and disobedience. If each of the conversations that I have had with you has not been sufficient to attract your attention, then probably all I can do is say no more. However, you understand the results of that. I never rest, so if I do not speak, I will do something for people to look at. I could make someone’s tongue rot, or someone die dismembered, or give someone nerve abnormalities and make them act insane. Or, then again, I could make some people endure torments I ferment for them. This way I would feel glad, very happy and greatly pleased. It was always “Good is repaid with good, evil with evil,” so why not in the present? If you want to oppose Me and you want to make some judgment about Me, then I will rot your mouth, and that will delight Me no end. This is because in the end you have done nothing that has anything to do with the truth, still less with life, while everything that I do is truth, everything is relevant to the principles of My work and the administrative decrees that I set down. Therefore, I urge each of you to accumulate some virtue, stop doing so much evil, and heed My demands in your leisure time. Then I will feel joyful. If you were to contribute (or donate) to truth one-thousandth of the effort that you put into the flesh, then I say you would not have frequent transgressions and rotted mouths. Isn’t this obvious?

The more your transgressions are, the fewer your chances to gain a good destination. Conversely, the fewer your transgressions are, the more your chances of being praised by God. If your transgressions increase to the point that it is impossible for Me to forgive you, then you will have utterly wasted your chances of being forgiven. In that case your destination will not be above but below. If you do not believe Me then be bold and do wrong, and then see what it gets you. If you are an earnest person who practices the truth then you surely have an opportunity for your transgressions to be forgiven, and the number of your disobediences will become fewer and fewer. If you are a person unwilling to practice truth then your transgressions before God will surely increase, the number of your disobediences will grow more and more, until the ultimate moment when you are completely destroyed, and that is the time when your pleasant dream of receiving blessings is ruined. Do not regard your transgressions as mistakes of an immature or foolish person, do not use the excuse that you did not practice truth because your poor caliber made it impossible to practice it, and even more, do not simply regard the transgressions you have committed as the acts of someone who did not know any better. If you are good at forgiving yourself and good at treating yourself with generosity, then I say you are a coward who will never gain the truth, and your transgressions will never cease haunting you, but keep you from ever meeting the demands of truth and make you forever a loyal companion of Satan. My advice to you is still: Do not pay attention only to your destination and overlook your hidden transgressions; take your transgressions seriously, and do not overlook all your transgressions out of concern for your destination.

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