God’s Words to the Entire Universe: Kingdom Anthem

The multitudes cheer Me, the multitudes praise Me; all mouths name the one true God, all people lift their eyes to watch My deeds. The kingdom descends upon the world of men, My person is rich and bountiful. Who would not rejoice at this? Who would not dance for joy? Oh, Zion! Raise your triumphant banner to celebrate Me! Sing your triumphant song of victory to spread My holy name! All creation unto the ends of the earth! Hasten to cleanse yourselves that you may be made as offerings to Me! Constellations of the heavens! Hasten back to your places to show My mighty power in the firmament! I lend My ear to the voices of the people on earth, who pour out their infinite love and reverence for Me in song! On this day, when all creation returns to life, I come down into the world of men. At this moment, at this very juncture, all flowers burst into riotous bloom, all birds sing as with one voice, all things palpitate with joy! In the sound of the kingdom’s salute, Satan’s kingdom topples down, annihilated in the thundering of the kingdom anthem, never to rise again!

Who on the earth dares to rise and resist? As I descend to earth, I bring burning, bring wrath, bring catastrophes of all kinds. The earthly kingdoms are now My kingdom! Up in the sky, the clouds tumble and billow; under the sky, lakes and rivers surge and joyously churn out a stirring melody. Resting animals emerge from their dens, and all peoples are aroused from their slumbers by Me. The day awaited by the multitudinous peoples has come at last! They offer up the most beautiful songs to Me!

At this beautiful moment, at this exhilarating time,

praise rings out everywhere, in the heavens above and earth below. Who would not be excited at this?

Whose heart would not lighten? Who would not weep at this scene?

The sky is not the sky of old, now it is the sky of the kingdom.

The earth is not the earth it was, now it is the holy land.

After a heavy rain has passed, the filthy old world is wholly made anew.

The mountains are changing … the waters changing …

people too changing … all things changing….

Ah, ye silent mountains! Arise and dance for Me!

Ah, ye still waters! Go on flowing freely!

You men dreaming dreams! Rouse yourselves and give chase!

I am come … I am King….

All mankind shall see with their own eyes My face, shall hear with their own ears My voice,

shall live for themselves the life of the kingdom….

How sweet … how beautiful….

Unforgettable … impossible to forget….

In the burning of My wrath, the great red dragon struggles;

in My majestic judgment, devils show their true forms;

at My stern words, people all feel deep shame, and have nowhere to hide themselves.

They recall the past, how they mocked and derided Me.

There was never a time when they did not show off themselves, never a time when they did not defy Me.

Today, who does not weep? Who does not feel remorse?

The entire universe world is filled with weeping …

filled with the sounds of rejoicing … filled with laughing voices….

Incomparable joy … joy without compare….

A small rain pattering … heavy flakes of fluttering snow….

Inside people, sorrow and joy commingling … some laughing …

some sobbing … and some cheering….

As if everyone’s forgotten … whether this is a spring rife with rain and clouds,

a summer of flowers bursting into bloom, an autumn of rich harvests,

or a winter cold as frost and ice, no one knows….

In the sky clouds are drifting, on the earth the oceans roil.

The sons wave their arms … the people move their feet in dance….

The angels are at work … the angels are shepherding….

The people on earth are all a-bustle, and all the things on earth multiply.

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