Daily Words of God: Knowing God's Work | Excerpt 205

You should offer your all for My work. You should do work that benefits Me. I want to tell you about everything that you are unclear on so that you can gain all that you lack from Me. Even though your defects are too numerous to count, I am willing to keep doing the work that I should be doing on you, granting you My last mercy so that you may benefit from Me and gain the glory that is absent in you and that the world has never seen. I have worked for so many years, yet none among men has ever known Me. I want to tell you secrets that I have never told anyone else.

Among men, I was the Spirit that they could not see, the Spirit that they could never come into contact with. Because of My three stages of work on earth (creation of the world, redemption, and destruction), I appear in their midst at different times (never publicly) to do My work among men. The first time I came among men was during the Age of Redemption. Of course I came among the Jewish family; therefore the first to see God coming to earth were the Jewish people. The reason I did this work personally was because I wanted to use My incarnate flesh as a sin offering in My redemption work. So the first to see Me were the Jews of the Age of Grace. That was the first time I worked in the flesh. In the Age of Kingdom, My work is to conquer and perfect, so I again do shepherding work in the flesh. This is My second time working in the flesh. In the last two stages of work, what people come into contact with is no longer the invisible, untouchable Spirit, but a person who is the Spirit actualized as flesh. Thus in the eyes of man, I again become a person with none of the look and feel of God. Moreover, the God that people see is not only male, but also female, which is most astounding and puzzling to them. Time and time again, My extraordinary work shatters old beliefs held for many, many years. People are stunned! God is not only the Holy Spirit, that Spirit, the sevenfold intensified Spirit, the all-encompassing Spirit, but also a person, an ordinary person, an exceptionally common person. He is not only male, but also female. They are similar in that They are both born to humans, and dissimilar in that one is conceived by the Holy Spirit and the other is born to a human but derived directly from the Spirit. They are similar in that both incarnate fleshes of God carry out God the Father’s work, and dissimilar in that one does the work of redemption and the other does the work of conquering. Both represent God the Father, but one is the Lord of redemption filled with lovingkindness and mercy, and the other is the God of righteousness filled with wrath and judgment. One is the Supreme Commander to launch the redemption work, and the other is the righteous God to accomplish the work of conquering. One is the Beginning, the other the End. One is sinless flesh, the other is flesh that completes the redemption, continues the work, and is never of sin. Both are the same Spirit, but They dwell in different fleshes and are born in different places. And They are separated by several thousand years. Yet all Their work is mutually complementary, never conflictual, and can be spoken of in the same breath. Both are people, but one is a baby boy and the other is an infant girl. For all these many years, what people have seen is not only the Spirit and not only a man, a male, but also many things that do not jibe with human notions, and thus they are never able to fully fathom Me. They keep half believing and half doubting Me, as if I do exist and yet am also an illusory dream. That is why to this day, people still do not know what God is. Can you really sum Me up in one simple sentence? Do you truly dare to say “Jesus is none other than God, and God is none other than Jesus”? Are you really so bold as to say “God is none other than the Spirit, and the Spirit is none other than God”? Are you comfortable saying “God is just a person clothed in flesh”? Do you truly have the courage to assert “The image of Jesus is simply the great image of God”? Are you able to thoroughly explain God’s disposition and image on the strength of your gift for words? Do you really dare to say “God created male only, not female, after His own image”? If you say this, then no female would be among My selected and much less would females be a kind within humankind. Now do you truly know what God is? Is God a human? Is God a Spirit? Is God really a male? Can only Jesus complete the work I want to do? If you choose only one of the above to sum up My essence, then you would be an exceedingly ignorant faithful believer. If I work as incarnate flesh once and only once, might you delimit Me? Can you really take one glance and see through Me? Can you really sum Me up completely thanks just to what you have been exposed to during your lifetime? And if in My two incarnations I do similar work, how would you perceive Me? Might you leave Me forever nailed to the cross? Can God be as simple as you say?

Excerpted from The Word Appears in the Flesh

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