424 The Greatest Wisdom Is to Look Up to God and Rely on Him

1 No matter how many truths a person understands, how many duties they fulfill, nor how much they experience while fulfilling those duties; no matter how great or small a person’s stature, nor in what environment they find themselves, what they cannot do without is looking up to God and relying on Him in all they do. This is the greatest wisdom. Even if a person has understood many truths, should they not rely on God? There are some people who have believed in God for a longer time, who understand some truths and have undergone several trials; they might have a bit of practical experience, but they do not understand how to look up to God and rely on Him. Do such people possess wisdom? They are the most foolish of people: They think themselves clever, yet do not fear God and shun evil.

2 Having much to say on spiritual theories does not mean you understand the truth, and much less does it mean you understand God’s will in all things. There is a very important lesson here: People must look up to God in everything they do. If they do, they can rely on God, and only those who rely on God have a way forward. There is a serious issue here—in many things, people act in light of their experience and rules they understand, as well as some things they imagine. It is then quite difficult to look up to God and rely on Him, and easy to act on one’s own desires. Though such people may do no evil, God is still not satisfied. Therefore, looking up to God and relying on Him in all things is the greatest wisdom.

Adapted from “Believers Must Begin by Seeing Through the World’s Evil Trends” in Records of Talks of Christ of the Last Days

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