125 God Has Gained Complete Glory

Verse 1

Jesus lived for thirty-three and one-half years,

He came to do the work of crucifixion,

through which God gained one part of His glory.

As flesh, God could be humble, hidden, and bear pain.

Though He was God Himself, He still endured

every disgrace, abuse, and insult,

and the great pain of being nailed to the cross

to complete the work of redemption.

Verse 2

When this stage was finished and fulfilled,

though people saw God had gained great glory,

it was just part of His glory He’d gained from Jesus.

Though Jesus could bear every kind of hardship,

be humble and hidden and crucified for God,

God gained just part of His glory in Israel.

There’s one more part: practical work on earth

to make perfect a group of human beings.


When the day comes where people are made perfect by God,

and can surrender before Him, and completely obey God,

and leave their prospects and fate in the hands of God,

the second part of God’s glory will have been gained,

which means when practical God’s work is complete,

His work in mainland China will be finished.

When the predestined ones who were chosen by God

are perfected by Him, God will gain glory.

Verse 3

God said He’s brought the next part of His glory

to the East though the naked eye can’t see it.

He’s brought His work to the East; this is His glory.

Today His work is still not completed,

but God chose to work therefore it shall be done.

God chose to complete this work in China,

He has resolved to make you complete with no way out—

He has conquered your hearts already.


You have to go on if you want to or not,

and when you are gained by God, God obtains glory.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. A Brief Talk About “The Millennial Kingdom Has Arrived”

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