462 Have You Entered Onto the Right Track of Belief in God?

1 Many believe in God, yet know neither what it is that God wants nor what it is that Satan wants. They believe in a foolish and muddle-headed way, simply going with the flow, and so have never had a proper Christian life; what is more, they have never had proper personal relationships, much less a proper relationship with God. From this it can be seen that the difficulties and shortcomings of man, and other factors that can thwart the will of God, are many. This is sufficient to prove that man has not yet got onto the right track, nor has he entered into the real experience of human life.

2 What does it mean to get on the right track? To get on the right track means that you can quiet your heart before God at all times and enjoy proper communion with God, gradually coming to know what is lacking in man and slowly gaining a deeper knowledge of God. Through this, your spirit gains new insight and new enlightenment every day; your longing grows, you seek to enter into the truth, and every day there is new light and new understanding. Through this path, you gradually break free of the influence of Satan and grow in your life. Such people have entered the right track.

3 Are you on the right track? In what matters have you broken free from the shackles of Satan and from the influence of Satan? If you have yet to get on the right track, then your ties with Satan have not been severed. This being the case, will your seeking to love God lead you to a love that is authentic, single-minded, and pure? You say that your love for God is unwavering and heartfelt, yet you have not broken free of the shackles of Satan. Are you not trying to make a fool of God? If you wish to attain a state in which your love for God is without adulteration, and you wish to be fully gained by God and numbered among the people of the kingdom, then you must first set yourself on the right track.

Adapted from “What Viewpoint Believers Ought to Hold” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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