271 I Shall Rise Up With Vigor

Verse 1

Knowing God’s righteous disposition,

my love for God sets down roots.

Whether I’m blessed or suffer trouble

is all preordained by God.

Judgment, chastisement and trials

come to purify my love.

Human failures are normal

and they’re not a cause for alarm.

Chorus 1

Though His severe words pierce like a sword,

God’s heart is always kind.

How can I refuse the bitter medicine

that’s good for my life?

Through God’s chastisement and judgment,

I have felt the true love of God.

So real is His work to save mankind,

my heart gives praise to God,

my heart gives praise to God.

Verse 2

Arrogant and deceitful humans

destined to stumble and fall.

Though I serve God, I still resist Him.

I should endure His chastisement.

Though judgment may cause me great pain,

it is what my life needs.

I’m sure that God is righteousness,

and so my heart gives praise.

Chorus 2

That I can be judged and chastised by God

is an honor He bestows.

Were I to complain or fight Him,

I’d be unworthy of His love.

Corrupt mankind has no truth,

filled with Satan’s dispositions.

I have life today only thanks to

God’s timely salvation,

God’s timely salvation.

Verse 3

The spirit of Peter’s the basis

for how mankind should behave.

How profound that man can love God.

I will strive to love Him fully.

Desiring blessings, trading with God,

in the end, man will stumble.

Understanding the truth and being cleansed,

I have peace in my heart.

Chorus 3

Believe in God, love God, obey God,

this is man’s true duty.

Suffering chastisement and judgment

strengthens my love for God.

No matter how God deals with me,

I still praise His righteousness.

My dream’s to be able to know God.

There’s nothing more that I ask,

there’s nothing more that I ask.

Verse 4

Having gone through judgment

and tasted God’s love, I’ll rise again.

I don’t have the face to see God,

but I’ll struggle for myself once more.

I’ve understood God’s will,

His love encourages me forward.

However great the trials and hardships,

I’ll bear a strong witness.

Chorus 4

Blessings or woes matter not at all.

God’s glory is everything.

Like Peter, I’ll give God supreme love.

And when I die, I’ll rest in peace.

I’ll obey God’s judgment without choice.

To satisfy God is the key.

To love God and to follow His way

is man’s greatest honor,

man’s greatest honor.

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