923 Satan Can Never Overstep God’s Authority


Grim words like impair, evil, harm,

darkness and maliciousness

describe the nature of Satan’s deeds.

All evil and unrighteousness

is ever tied to Satan’s acts,

inseparable from Satan’s evil essence.

Verse 1

No matter how “powerful” Satan is,

how bold and ambitious, how much harm it can do,

how many ways it has to corrupt and lure man,

how clever its tricks to intimidate man,

however much it may change its form,

it could never create even one living thing.

Verse 2

Satan could never make laws for all things,

or rule any object, living or not.

In the cosmos or heaven, it’s created nothing,

it’s caused no person or thing to exist.

Instead, it must live under God’s dominion

and must also obey all of God’s commands.


Without God’s permission,

it’s hard for Satan

to touch one drop of water or grain of sand.

Without God’s permission,

Satan lacks freedom

to move even the ants, let alone mankind

who God created.

Verse 3

God sees Satan as less than the lilies,

the birds, the fish, and even the maggots.

It’s there to serve all things, work for mankind,

and serve God’s work and His management plan.

No matter how evil, it only can do its job

of serving God and being a foil to Him.


Such is Satan’s essence and place.

It has no connection to life,

to authority, or power.

It is merely God’s toy,

a lowly machine

in service to God.

Adapted from “God Himself, the Unique I” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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