941 Seek the Truth in All Things to Make Progress

1 If God arranges certain environments, people, things, and objects for you, if He prunes and deals with you and if you learn lessons from this, if you have learned to come before God to seek the truth, and, unknowingly, are enlightened and illuminated and attain the truth, if you have experienced a change in these environments, reaped rewards, and made progress, if you begin to have a little comprehension of God’s will and you cease to complain, then all of this will mean that you have stood firm in the midst of the trials of these environments, and have withstood the test. As such, you will have gotten through this ordeal!

2 Those who withstand the test have a true heart, they can endure this kind of suffering and deep down, they love the truth and want the truth. If God has this kind of assessment of you, you are then someone with stature, and you have life. And how is this life attained? It is bestowed by God; it is God coming personally to carry a bowl of food over to you and bringing it right up to your mouth; then, once you have eaten, you feel satiated and can stand strong. This is how you must comprehend these things; this is how to be obedient to everything that comes from God.

3 You must possess this kind of state of mind and this kind of attitude, and you must learn to seek the truth. You must not always look for external causes or blame others for your troubles, and you must understand God’s intention. From the outside, some people might seem to have opinions about you or prejudices against you, but you should not see things that way. If you see things from an erroneous standpoint, the only thing you will do is reason with others, and you will not be able to attain anything. You should see things objectively and justly; in that way, you will seek the truth and understand God’s intention. Once your viewpoint and state of mind are rectified, you will be able to attain the truth.

Adapted from “To Attain the Truth, You Must Learn From the People, Matters, and Things Around You” in Records of Christ’s Talks

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