737 Man Should Have a God-fearing Heart


God’s essence has love and God shows mercy

towards every human being.

But people have missed and forgotten

that His essence has dignity.

God’s love does not mean

man can offend Him and not provoke His feelings,

nor does His mercy mean He has no principles

in the way that He treats people.

Verse 1

God is alive, He is real.

Thus, we should always listen to His voice

and closely observe His attitude.

Don’t define Him with human imaginings,

nor impose human thoughts on Him,

making Him treat people like humans do.

Verse 2

Acting this way would anger God,

challenge His dignity and invite His wrath.

So know how serious this matter is.

God urges every single one of you

to always behave with caution,

and also be cautious with what you say.

Bridge 1

With regard to how you treat God,

the more prudent you’re, the better for you.

When you don’t understand God’s attitude,

make sure you don’t act or speak rashly.

Do not affix labels casually.

Above all, never jump to conclusions.

Instead, you should learn to wait and seek,

which shows that you fear God and shun evil.

Verse 3

If you can achieve these things,

and if you can possess this attitude,

then you will not be blamed by God

for your foolishness and ignorance,

or your failure to understand

the reasons behind all that happens.

Verse 4

Because you fear offending God,

respect what He wants and try to obey,

God will always be your guide,

remember you and enlighten you.

He will tolerate your ignorance

and understand that you still need to grow.

Bridge 2

But if you’re irreverent and judge God,

guess at and define His ideas,

then God will condemn and punish you,

or say something that involves your outcome.

Verse 5

God intends to emphasize:

Be cautious with all that comes from God,

take care with what you say or do.

Stop and think before you speak:

Will I anger God with what I do?

Am I being reverent to God?


Even in the simplest things,

try to figure these questions out,

and think longer about them.

If you always practice these principles,

especially when you don’t understand something,

God will always guide you with a path to follow.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 2. On Knowing God. How to Know God’s Disposition and the Results His Work Shall Achieve

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