177 The Necessity of God’s Incarnation

Verse 1

Man’s flesh is corrupted by Satan

and greatly blinded and harmed.

The reason God works as a human

is to save man, who is of the flesh.

Satan also uses man’s flesh

to disturb the work of God.

The battle with Satan is really

the work of conquering man;

man is the object of salvation.

So God’s work in the flesh is key.

Bridge 1

Satan corrupted man’s flesh,

then man embodies it,

and man became the object for God to defeat.

So fighting Satan and saving man happens on earth;

God must become human to fight against Satan.

This work is most practical.

Verse 2

When God does His work incarnate,

He is battling with Satan.

He takes His spiritual work

and makes it all real on earth.

Man who is rebellious

is the one who is conquered;

and the one who is defeated

is Satan’s embodiment.

In the end it’s also man

who receives salvation.

Bridge 2

It’s all the more important

for God to become a human

wearing the outer shell of a creation

to really battle Satan, and to conquer man,

who disobeys Him and has the same outer shell,

and save man from Satan’s harm.


Man is God’s foe to be conquered,

His creation to be saved.

So He must become human

to make His work more simple.

He can defeat Satan and conquer humanity,

and moreover save mankind.

Adapted from “Corrupt Mankind Is More in Need of the Salvation of the Incarnate God” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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