1037 A River of Water of Life

Verse 1

A river of life clear as crystal,

flows from the throne of God and the Lamb.

On each river bank a tree of life grows,

bearing twelve fruits, a new fruit every month.

Bridge 1

And its leaves heal the nations.

There will be no more curse, no more curse.

The throne of God and the Lamb will be in the city,

where His servants serve Him and see His face.

Chorus 1

On their foreheads will be His name.

And there will be no more night, there’ll never be any night.

No need of candle nor light of the sun.

The Lord God will give them light, they shall reign forever.

Yes, the Lord God Himself gives light.

They shall reign forever and ever, and ever.

Verse 2

The holy city, new Jerusalem

comes down from God, from out of heaven.

God’s tabernacle is with men.

And He’ll live with them, they will be His people.

Bridge 2

God will be there, and be their God,

and wipe away all their tears, all their tears.

And there’ll be no more death, or pain or sorrow.

Former things have passed away.

Chorus 2

God makes all things, makes all things new.

He’s the Alpha, and Omega, the Beginning and End.

He gives freely the water of life.

Any who overcome, these things they’ll inherit.

And God will be their God,

and they’ll be His people, His people, His people.

Verse 3

Lightning from the East

shines all the way to the West.

Christ of the last days, Almighty God,

comes to earth, speaking truth.

Bridge 3

All yield before God’s throne, accept His perfection.

He brings the way of eternal life.

God’s people come face to face each day with Him.

And they enjoy all His words, how sweet to hear.

Chorus 3

The Word has appeared in the flesh.

Like a double-edged sword,

God’s words judge, cleanse and save.

Judgment starts with the house of God.

The curtain comes up upon the judgment of the last days.

God’s people hallow His mighty name.

His work is done, and His kingdom comes,

His kingdom, His kingdom.


Almighty God has gained His kingdom,

and has come down to the earth,

His great work achieved.

And He has gained full glory now,

He has gained full glory.

Adapted from The Book of Revelation in the Bible

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