401 The Significance of Belief in God Is So Profound

1 Now you still have not gained a thorough understanding of the significance of belief in God. In fact, the significance of belief in God is so profound that people are unable to fathom it. In the end, the things within people that are of Satan and the things of their nature must change and must become compatible with the requirements of the truth; only in this way can one truly attain salvation. If, as you used to when you were within the religion, you just spout some words of doctrine or shout out slogans, and then do a few good deeds, exhibit a bit more good behavior and refrain from committing some obvious sins, this still does not mean that you have set foot upon the right track of believing in God.

2 Does being able to abide by the rules indicate that you are walking the correct path? If the things within your nature have not changed, in the end you will still resist and offend God. This will be your biggest problem. If, in your belief in God, you do not resolve this problem, then can you be considered to have been saved? God says these words to make you all understand in your hearts that a belief in God cannot be separated from God’s words, from God, or from the truth. You must choose your path well, put effort into the truth, and put effort into God’s words. Do not just gain half-baked knowledge or obtain more or less of an understanding and then think you are done; if you fool yourself, you will only harm yourself.

3 People should not deviate in their belief in God; in the end, if they do not have God in their hearts and they merely hold up a book and read it as if admiring flowers whilst galloping past on horseback, then they are finished. Do the words, “Man’s belief in God cannot be separated from God’s words” contradict the words, “A belief in God cannot be separated from God”? How can you have God in your heart if God’s words are not within your heart? If you believe in God, but your heart harbors neither God, nor His words, nor His guidance, then you are utterly finished. If you are unable to do even just a small thing in accordance with God’s requirements, then when you face a big matter of principle, you will be even less able to meet God’s requirements. This means you will not have testimony.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 3. The Discourses of Christ of the Last Days. In Believing in God, Choosing the Right Way Is Most Crucial

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