317 Sing and Dance in Praise of God

1 Christ of the last days has appeared to work and save man. He reveals God’s love by watering, nourishing and guiding man. God’s words possess warmth and power, they conquer our hearts. We eat, drink and enjoy God’s words, we attend the feast. By eating and drinking God’s words, pondering and fellowshiping about them, the Holy Spirit enlightens us, and we understand the truth. We cast off worldly ties and perform our duty. What a blessing it is to enter God’s kingdom!

2 God’s words are like a sharp sword that lays our nature bare. Our arrogance, self-righteousness and deceit are exposed to the light. By experiencing judgment and chastisement, we come to know ourselves. Our corrupt disposition is cleansed, and we become new people. Working in harmony with others, we perform our duty. We fail and fall and seek the truth. God’s word and the truth are so precious, they cleanse us. Freed from Satan’s influence, we earn God’s praise.

3 Certain that Christ is the truth, we follow Him with unbreakable resolve. We undertake our mission to bear witness to God and are utterly devoted to Him. No mocking, slander or condemnation can ever make us turn back. We do our duty to satisfy God, God’s glory comes first. We will not cower down when faced with capture by Satan. Though persecuted greatly, we’ll ever be loyal. Through trials and tribulations, our love for God is strengthened. We utterly forsake the great red dragon and bear resounding witness.

Sing and dance in praise of God, in praise of God. Give thanks to God for guiding us onto the path of life. We enjoy God’s words every day and live in His presence. We will never stop praising and testifying to God’s righteousness!

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