548 God Will Spurn Those Who Fail to Keep to Their Duties

1 I have traversed mountain ranges and river valleys, experiencing the ups and downs of the world of humans. Among them I have roamed, and among them I have lived for many a year, yet it appears that humanity’s disposition has changed little. And it is as if people’s old nature has taken root and sprouted in them anew. Never are they able to change that old nature; they merely improve it somewhat upon its original foundation. As people say, the essence has not changed, but the form has changed much. People all seem to be trying to fool Me, that they might slip My notice and win My appreciation.

2 As humans are all worthless wretches who do not love themselves, and who do not cherish themselves at all, why, then, would they even need Me to show mercy and love once again? Without exception, humans do not know themselves, nor do they know just how much they are worth. They should put themselves on a scale to be weighed. Does this not describe you, My people? Who among you has made resolutions in front of Me and not discarded them afterward? Who has made long-term resolutions before Me instead of frequently setting their minds on things? Always, humans make resolutions before Me in times of ease, and then write them all off in times of adversity; then, later, they pick their resolve back up and set it before Me.

3 Am I so disrespectable that I would casually accept this junk that humanity has picked up from the garbage heap? Few humans hold fast to their resolutions, few are chaste, and few offer things that are most precious to them in sacrifice to Me. Are all of you not the same? If you are unable to fulfill your duties as members of My people in the kingdom, then you will be detested and rejected by Me!

Adapted from “Chapter 14” of God’s Words to the Entire Universe in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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