281 Time

Verse 1

A lonely soul has traveled from afar,

probing the future, seeking the past,

toiling arduously, and pursuing a dream.

It knows not whence it comes or it goes,

born in tears and fading in despair.

Though trampled underfoot, it is still holding on.

Chorus 1

Your coming puts an end to afflicted life adrift.

I catch a sight of hope, and welcome the light of dawn.

I gaze into the misty distance, I catch a glimpse of Your shape.

That is the radiance, the radiance of Your face.

Verse 2

Yesterday, drifted in foreign land,

but today I’ve found my way back home.

Riddled with wounds, unlike human,

I lament life is a dream.

Chorus 2

Your coming puts an end to afflicted life adrift.

I am no longer lost, I’m no longer wandering.

My home I’m now within. Now I see Your white robe.

That is the radiance, the radiance of Your face.


Many cycles of rebirth, so many years of waiting;

now the Almighty has come.

The lonely soul found its way, and it’s no longer sad.

A dream of thousands of years.

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