1000 Time to Part Ways

Verse 1

At creation I prophesied in the last days

I’d make a group who’re of one mind with Me.

After making an example on earth,

I’d then return to My place.

Verse 2

Once man has done all I’ve asked of them,

I will no longer require anything of them.

Rather, we will trade stories of the old days,

and after, part company.

Chorus 1

I hope after we part ways,

man will carry on My “inheritance,”

mind My words, not forget My teachings,

nor disgrace My name.

I hope humans try their best

to satisfy Me after I’ve left.

I hope My word is the foundation of their lives,

and they can live up to My hopes.

Bridge 1

My heart’s always been concerned for them.

I’ve always been attached to them.

Verse 3

Humanity and I once gathered,

enjoying heaven’s blessings on earth.

I lived together with humans;

we have always loved one another.

Verse 4

Our days were filled with laughter,

but we also had our quarrels.

Still our love was built on this,

and our ties were never severed.

Chorus 2

They left a profound impression on Me

after many years of contact.

I’ve given them many things to enjoy,

for which they’ve always been doubly grateful.

Now our gatherings won’t be the same;

who can run from the time of parting?

We love each other, but what can be done?

Who dare violate the Father’s requirements?

Verse 5

I will return to My place

to complete another part of My work.

There’s no need to be too sad;

perhaps we will meet again.

Chorus 3

It’s My hope humans may please Me on earth.

My Spirit will confer grace on them.

Let unpleasantries be left in the past,

let love be always between us.

I have given humans so much love,

and they’ve paid a heavy price to love Me.

I hope humanity treasures our pure love,

so it will spread and be passed down forever.

Bridge 2

Let us be linked in love when we meet again,

so our love may stay forever,

and be praised by all people.

This would satisfy Me.


I would show My face,

smiling to humanity.

I hope all humans will remember

My exhortations.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. God’s Words to the Entire Universe, Chapter 47

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