99 My Heart Treasures God’s Word

1 You utter words and guide me forward, I’ve seen there is hope in life. Your words judging and chastising mankind reveal how deeply people are corrupted. You prune, deal with, chastise, and discipline me, teaching me obedience. Experiencing and practicing Your words, I understand the truth and live before You. By relying on Your words, I’ve followed You till now, I’ve slowly grown up, become mature. Departing from Your words, I would lack Your presence, and I would be like the living dead. Your words of life have accompanied me till now, I’ve tasted Your great love.

2 Your words purify me of corruption and give me new life. Pain, hardship, oppression and capture, Your word sees me through it all. Though my flesh is in pain, I clearly see Satan’s evil, I love You more and more. Though the road ahead is rough and tortuous, I lean on Your words to guide me forward. By understanding the truth, my disposition gradually changes, all by Your grace. The judgment and the trials of Your word enable me to gain truth and life. Your judgment and chastisement, Your trials and refinement, they purify and change me.

3 You are the truth, the way and the life; Your word holds all things. You are the Savior and mankind needs all the words You express. I am today able to cast off my corruption and live in the light, all because Your word has saved me. You become flesh which shows Your deep and powerful love, Your word is so precious. No matter how great the trial or how grave the tribulation, I will remember well Your word. Your word is truth and life, it reveals Your almightiness and wisdom. Love is Your essence, righteous Your disposition, and I shall praise You forever. I see now Christ is the truth, the way, and the life; Christ is my one and only.

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