113 My Heart Treasures God’s Word

1 Your utterances and words guide me forward. I’ve seen there is hope in life. Your words that judge and chastise mankind reveal how deeply people are corrupted. You prune me, deal with me, chasten me, and discipline me, and I learn to be obedient. Experiencing and practicing Your words, I understand the truth and live before You. By relying on Your words, I’ve followed You till now. Gradually, I’ve grown up and become mature. Were I away from Your words, I would lack Your presence, and I would be dead yet alive. Your words of life have accompanied me unto today. I’ve tasted of Your great love. I see Christ is the truth, the way, and the life; Christ is my one and only.

2 Your words purify me of corruption and give me new life. Pain, tribulation, trials, refinement—Your word sees me through them all. Though my flesh is in pain, I see Satan’s evil clearly, and my love for God grows. Though the road ahead may be rocky and hard, with Your words to guide me, I shall not fear. By understanding the truth, my disposition gradually changes, all by Your grace. The judgment and the trials of Your word enable me to gain truth and life. I am freed from Satan’s dark influence and attain God’s great salvation. I see Christ is the truth, the way, and the life; Christ is my one and only.

3 You are the truth, the way and the life; Your words hold all there is. You are the Savior, and mankind needs all the words You express. That I am able to cast off my corruption and live in the light is entirely because Your word has saved me. Incarnated, Your love is deep and Your affection is strong; Your words are most precious. No matter how great the trials or how grave the tribulations, I will remember well Your words. I’ll practice Your words and bear witness to You, so that Your sacrifice shall not be in vain. Love is Your essence, righteous Your disposition, and I shall praise You forever. I see Christ is the truth, the way, and the life; Christ is my one and only.

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