703 Transforming Your Disposition Begins With Understanding Your Nature

1 The first step to transforming your disposition begins by understanding your own nature; this is key. How does one understand one’s nature? Understanding your nature actually means analyzing the depth of the soul; it involves what is in your life. It is the logic and viewpoints of Satan by which you have been living; that is, it is the life of Satan that you have been living by. Only by uncovering the deep-down parts of your soul can you understand your nature. Examples of these are people’s viewpoints on matters, their methods and goals in life, their life values and outlook, and their views on all things relating to truth. All of these things exist deep within people’s souls and are directly correlated with the transformation of their dispositions.

2 Corrupt mankind’s outlook on life is this: “Everyone for himself, and the devil take the hindmost.” People all live for themselves and care only about their physical bodies. Their lives are completely without value, much less do they have any meaning. Your outlook on life involves what you rely on to survive and live in the world; it is what you live for, and it dictates how you live. These are all things to do with the essence of human nature. Through analyzing the nature, you will see that people are all resisting God, and that they are all devils, and there is no genuinely good person. Only by analyzing people’s natures can you truly know the essence and corruption of humanity, as well as what people actually belong to, what they truly lack, and how they should pursue the truth to live out human likeness. This is the truth you must understand.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 3. The Discourses of Christ of the Last Days. What Should Be Known About Transforming One’s Disposition

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