199 As I Wake in a Haze

1 I see that the Word appears in the flesh, and God has made anew heaven and earth, bringing to an end six millennia of hardship and restlessness. God incarnate expresses the truth, bringing light to mankind. His work, done to perfect people, is the opportunity of a lifetime; I am so very fortunate. His words reveal, judge, chastise, and expose man’s corrupt disposition. Only now do I understand that humans have lost all conscience due to Satan’s corruption. They are sanctimonious, speaking glibly of morality, when in fact they long ago lost their humanity; scheming and fighting against each other for fame and gain, they live in sin.

2 The human heart is too vile and corrupt to lay eyes upon. Willfully corrupting and defiling themselves, people have no self-love at all. Where can they find their last shred of integrity and dignity? The human heart is too crooked and deceitful, and people are not worthy of coming before God. Disturbed, and with fear and grief, I surrender my entire being before Him. I sigh; despite years of believing in God, I only now know the difficulty of being human. I am overly corrupted, and cannot be saved without being judged and cleansed. I wake in a haze, too ashamed to look upon God’s face. Experiencing His judgment, I abruptly know how to behave. The truth and the life have not come easily; it is all due to God’s kindness. Knowing His loveliness has roused my love for Him even more. May I suffer refinement and be cleansed so that I can truly love and satisfy God.

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