44 We Gather in the House of God

1 We travel from many places, near and far, to gather in the house of God, eating and drinking of God’s words and living the life of the church each day. We practice and experience God’s words; it is truly a joy to understand the truth. Emptiness, pain, entanglement—they are all in the past. God’s words link us together; how sweet it is to enjoy these words in our hearts. We are fortunate to be shepherded by Christ; understanding the truth and praising God, our hearts are set free!

2 We gather in the house of God, together fellowshiping on God’s words. Understanding the truth, there is light in our hearts, and a path to practice in all things. We help and support each other, and submit to God’s words and the truth. Shedding falseness and deceit, we train ourselves to be honest. God’s words link us together; our hearts connect, and we love each other, as close as can be. Working together in harmony, we faithfully do our duty well; our hearts love God and praise God. How blessed we are!

3 Looking back at our times together, we feel bittersweet. They have become unforgettable memories. We have undergone the judgment of God’s words and experienced so much of His love. After experiencing trials and refinement, there has been a change in our life disposition. Undertaking the mission to bear witness to God, we go our different ways. God’s words lead us forever onward; we spread His good news on earth. God’s words link us together; loving God means being mindful of His will. No matter how great the suffering, we will never back down; forever shall we love God and testify to Him. We will be loyal to Him to the very end! God’s words link us together; we spread the gospel of the kingdom and follow God’s will. We yearn for the day of God’s glory, when we can gather again, together with God, never apart!

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