62 I Shall Welcome Your Smiling Face as You Appear Before Me

1 A familiar voice calls to me now and again, awakening my spirit, waking me from the long night. Through the haze I see Your smiling face. Never did I dream I’d see the face of God. I am corrupt humanity, devoid of honor, yet the most glorious and dignified King is coming toward me. Your words draw me in, my heart is drunk with joy. Living before You every day is sweetness and bliss.

2 Quiet before You, I listen to Your words. Your words are warm and strong. The love in Your judgment and chastisement has awakened my heart. I see Your words are truth, so very precious! Your love, so sincere and beautiful, fills my heart and stirs up my love. There is so much to love in You and it is all engraved on my heart. To offer You my heart and my love is my wish.

3 Where are You now, my dearest One? As I pine for Your love, the sleepless night is long. You love me, then why hide Yourself from me? My heart is uneasy when I cannot see Your face. In tribulations and trials, I call and look to You. With Your words guiding me, it’s like seeing Your face. Loving You with all my heart, keeping close behind Your footsteps, I grow strong in faith. Living by Your word makes me feel peaceful and at ease.

4 Your word is the truth and has taken possession of my heart. To live by Your word is the utmost bliss. I wish to love and bear witness to You and follow You all my life. Then, my testimony done, I shall welcome Your smiling face as You appear before me.

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