921 What God Prepares for Mankind Is Beyond Imagining

1 What God has prepared for you, that is, rare and precious treasures from all over the world, will all be given to you. You cannot conceive of nor can you imagine all of these at present, and no man has enjoyed this before. When these blessings come upon you, you will be ecstatic without end, but do not forget that these are all God’s power, God’s actions, God’s righteousness and even more so, God’s majesty. (God will be gracious to those whom He chooses to be gracious to, and God will be merciful to those whom He chooses to be merciful to.) At that time, you will have no parents, and there will be no blood relations. You are all people whom God loves, His beloved sons. Nobody will dare to oppress you from then on. It will be time for you to grow into adults, and time for you to rule the nations with an iron rod!

2 Who dares obstruct God’s beloved sons? Who dares attack His beloved sons? They shall all revere His beloved sons because the Father has been glorified. All the things that no one could ever imagine will appear before your eyes. They will be unlimited, inexhaustible, endless. Before long, you will surely no longer need to be scorched by the sun and endure the torturing heat. Neither will you have to suffer the cold, nor will rain, snow or wind reach you. This is because God loves you, and it will be entirely the world of God’s love. God will give you everything that you want, and He will prepare for you everything that you need. Who dares say that God is not righteous? God will kill you immediately, because He has said before that His wrath against the evil ones shall last into eternity. However, God’s love for His beloved sons will also last into eternity.

Adapted from “Chapter 84” of Utterances of Christ in the Beginning in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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