567 God’s Glory Holds the Utmost Importance Among Man

Verse 1

Within normal people’s nature,

there’s no crookedness or deceit.

They have normal relationships,

and they do not stand alone.

Their lives are not mediocre,

and neither are they decadent.

Verse 2

God is exalted among all,

His words permeate among them.

People live together in peace,

under God’s care and protection.

The earth is filled with harmony,

without Satan’s disruptions.

Chorus 1

God’s glory is the most important thing to such people.

Like angels, they’re pure and vibrant, make no complaint to God.

They do everything they can for God’s glory on earth.


When God ascends to the throne in man’s heart,

His sons and people then will rule the earth.

These words tell of the time when the angels on earth

enjoy the blessing of serving God in heaven.

Verse 3

Because man is the expression

of the spirits of the angels,

God says man will live on the earth

as if they are in heaven.

And they’ll serve God on earth

like the angels do in heaven.

Chorus 2

And so it is that during their days on the earth,

they’ll get to enjoy the blessings of the third heaven.

This is what is actually being said in these words.

Adapted from “Chapter 16” of Interpretations of the Mysteries of God’s Words to the Entire Universe in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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