1027 When Mankind Has Entered Into Rest

Verse 1

When mankind has entered into rest,

evildoers will be destroyed,

and mankind will be on the right track.

People of all types will be with their own kind,

each doing their assigned function.

Verse 2

When mankind has entered into rest,

it will fulfill the inevitable trend

of human development.

Only then will God’s great work

reach completion and come to an end.

Bridge 1

God’s work will end mankind’s

decadent life of the flesh

and all of their corruption.

Man will enter a new realm.

Though all will live in the flesh,

the essence of life itself

and the life of corrupt humans

are very different things.

The meaning of existence

and corrupt human existence

are also not the same.

Verse 3

When mankind has entered into rest,

it will not be the life of a new kind of people

but of a mankind that has been saved,

a life where human sense has been regained.

These are the once disobedient,

who’ve been conquered then saved by God.

Bridge 2

These are the people who disgraced God

and later bore witness to Him.

After surviving His test,

theirs is the most meaningful existence.

They who bore witness to God before Satan

are humans fit to live.

Verse 4

When mankind has entered into rest,

Satan will have failed

and will never again trouble humanity.

The corrupt, satanic human dispositions will be no longer.

The disobedient will have been destroyed.

Bridge 3

Only those who submit will remain.

Few families will survive intact.

The old life of the flesh shall be banned.

With no corrupt disposition,

man’s old life will be no more,

a new life will be created.

Verse 5

When mankind has entered into rest,

physical relationships will exist no longer.

Only this kind of humanity

will be righteous and holy and can worship God.

Adapted from “God and Man Will Enter Into Rest Together” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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