298 Who Understands God’s Grief?

1 To save mankind, God has become flesh and endured the utmost humiliation. He expresses the truth and gives His all to bestow life upon humanity. His judgment, chastisement, trials, and refinement are all meant to purify people. The human heart is treacherous, selfish, and evil; people are full of wariness and misunderstandings about God, failing to live up to the pains God takes. Year after year, day after day, God waits with the utmost patience for people to make a turnaround. Can anyone understand God’s grief?

2 People only believe in God to gain blessings; they do not seek the truth. They steadfastly pursue fame and fortune, still hoping for His approval. They think only of their prospects and destinations, never mindful of His will. This hurts God’s heart so greatly. God awaits the repentance of those who truly love Him. Seeing His sadness, I feel regret; God’s love for me is so profound—so why don’t I love Him? It’s because I lack conscience and I am so rebellious. I am determined to fulfill an aspiration: to offer my heart and my love, to repay God for His love, and bring Him comfort.

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