715 The Work God Does on You Is So Valuable

1 Most of those among you were called out, but if the environment hadn’t compelled you or if you hadn’t been called, you would have been totally unwilling to come out. Who is willing to abandon things this way? Who is willing to give up the pleasures of the flesh? You are all people who greedily revel in comfort and seek a luxurious life! You have gained such great blessings—what else do you have to say? What complaints do you have? You have enjoyed the greatest blessings and the greatest grace in heaven, and work has now been revealed to you that had never been done on earth before. Isn’t this a blessing?

2 Because you have resisted and rebelled against God, you have now undergone this much chastisement. Because of this chastisement you have seen God’s mercy and love, and even more you have seen His righteousness and holiness. Because of this chastisement and because of mankind’s filthiness, you have seen God’s great power, and you have seen His holiness and greatness. Isn’t this the rarest of truths? Isn’t this a life with meaning? The work that God does is full of meaning! So the lower your position is, the more it shows God’s elevation, and the more it proves how valuable His work on you today is. It simply is a priceless treasure! Through the ages no one has enjoyed such great salvation. The fact that your position is low shows how great God’s salvation is, and it shows that God is faithful to mankind—He saves, not destroys.

Adapted from “The Significance of Saving the Descendants of Moab” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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