782 To Know God, You Must Know the Three Stages of His Work


The work of God Himself

is the vision man must know.

Only God can do it; man does not possess it.

The three stages of God’s work

are His whole management;

there is no greater vision.

Verse 1

If man is unaware of this great vision,

it’s hard to understand God’s will and know Him;

the path man walks will become more grueling.

Man could not have come this far without visions.

Verse 2

The visions have sustained men till today,

and have given man the greatest protection.

You must know God’s whole will and His work’s essence.

Only this knowledge is your true stature.


The three stages of work were all done by one God;

this vision is greatest, it’s the one path to knowing God.

Verse 3

No one stage of the three can be held up as

the one vision that must be known by mankind.

The full work of salvation is the three stages.

God’s management can’t end till it’s all been done.

Verse 4

God’s being, disposition, and His wisdom

are expressed in the full work of salvation;

they’re not revealed to man in the beginning,

but in the work they’ve been gradually expressed.


Each stage shows part of God’s disposition,

and part of His being;

no one stage can directly and completely

show God’s full being.


The three stages of work were all done by one God;

this vision is greatest, it’s the one path to knowing God.

Verse 5

Salvation’s work can only be completed

once the three stages of work have been finished,

so man’s full knowledge of God can’t be detached

from the three stages of the work of God.


If you know well the three stages,

that is, God’s full management plan,

if you can tie in the first two stages

with the present stage and you can see

it’s the work of one God,

then you will possess the strongest foundation.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Knowing the Three Stages of God’s Work Is the Path to Knowing God

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