365 Your Nature Is So Corrupt

Verse 1

Those who don’t understand God’s will,

those who understand but don’t practice truth,

those who eat and drink His words but defy them,

are all opponents of God.

Those with notions of the incarnate God,

with a mind to rebel, and those who judge God

are also opponents of God.

Whoever is unable to know God

or bear witness to Him

is also truly an opponent of God.

Bridge 1

So if you have faith to walk this path,

then keep on following it.

But if you can’t stop opposing God,

walk away before it’s too late.

The chance of things going bad for you

runs extremely high,

because your nature is simply too corrupt.

Verse 2

You have no loyalty or love for God,

nor a heart that thirsts for righteousness and truth.

Your state before God is in shambles.

You can’t do or say what you should.

What you should practice has failed,

and your function to God unfulfilled.

You lack loyalty, obedience and conscience,

nor resolution that you should.

You don’t have the faith you ought to,

nor endure the suffering you should.

You’re devoid of any merit.

Shouldn’t you be ashamed of living?

Bridge 2

You believe and still

you do not know God’s will.

You eat and drink the words of God,

yet cannot keep His demands.

You believe in God yet don’t know Him.

You live without values or meaning,

no conscience or integrity—

can you still call yourself human?

Verse 3

You believe in God yet deceive Him.

You take His money and offerings.

You don’t acknowledge God’s feelings

or show a conscience towards Him.

You can’t meet His simplest demands.

Can you still call yourself human?

Don’t you enjoy everything that

God provides for you?

Bridge 3

You eat His food and breathe His air,

enjoying His grace, yet in the end

you do not have the slightest knowledge of God.

You’ve become a worthless opponent of God,

the lowest form of beast.

Among animals, are there any

more malicious than you?

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. All People Who Do Not Know God Are People Who Oppose God

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