14 Christ of the Last Days Appears in the East

1 A great light appears over the dark land; lightning from the East has issued forth. This is the coming of the Son of man—how could we not sing out? You are the practical God incarnate; You are the Savior who has returned in the last days. We raise our voices to sing of You!

2 The victorious King sits upon the throne; You have succeeded in Your redemption and returned in flesh incarnate. Judgment begins with the house of God; judgment of the last days has begun. You express the truth to bring salvation; all of Your people have returned before Your throne! The kingdom has descended among mankind!

3 Almighty God incarnate, the practical God, You utter words, walking among the churches, and Your love is with us. You personally water and sustain Your people, making a group of overcomers! Your people follow Your footsteps closely, loyally expending for You all their lives. The kingdom gospel has spread across the entire globe!

4 Christ of the last days is victorious; Satan, the great red dragon, is utterly shamed. God’s chosen people eat and drink of His words, understand the truth, and bear witness to His victory! Almighty God, You have defeated Satan! You have gained glory! Your great work has been thoroughly brought to completion!

5 All peoples praise God’s glorious holy name. Almighty God’s name resounds from the East to the West; He is the shining Sun. God has gained the kingdom and has come to earth; Christ’s kingdom has appeared. Almighty God, we praise You aloud, dancing and singing Your name! Your words achieve all and demonstrate Your almightiness!

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